Wednesday, November 02, 2005

What's In A Name?

When main muffin man opened up that great big book of all names baby and pointed to Ava it was like the heavens opened and the sky lit up. It was the end of the great name debate of 2002. I loved it because I thought it was a good child name and an even better grown up, self assured, confident woman name. And there was the fact that it goes with our sort of weird last the names Chloe and Joey but let's just say that would be tragic for the duece. Under all that gruff he is somewhat intuitive and sensitive. He knew that was the name for her, and I agreed. The bonus was that her Chinese name, which we kept as a middle name goes perfectly.

Now, kidlet #2. I insisted that I be able to choose the name since he got his turn and all. Ava campaigned hard for Olivia. I'm not sure where she even heard the name. She was just insistent several months ago that it had to be Olivia. For the life of me I couldn't come up with anything better...that we could agree upon.

I narrowed my list to 19. I posted it on the refrigerator, it sat there untouched for 4 months. Then one night while making dinner, he said "So, what about this name deal?" Ava chimed in, "Olivia Olivia, my sister's name is Olivia." He said to me, "Ok with me if it's ok with you."
I nodded, ok sounds good. She's been Olivia in our minds ever since. But, what if it's not right? What if when we see her little face I don't believe that she is an Olivia or Liv? I know why lots of families don't exactly go public with a child's name before he or she appears in the flesh. They don't want to deal with everyone's opinions and comments. (I've heard a few from my hairdresser and all of the strangers that Ava approaches at Target telling them she's getting a sister yada yada....) But we announced so too bad, can't complain.

A friend of mine brought her daughter home from China this summer. Her chinese name was one of the prettiest names I think I have ever heard. (It is now her middle name.) So, what if little duece comes with paperwork saying her name is something that we think is wonderful? Will I want to break with tradition here in adoptionland and keep her name? Muffin man is against it. (He is part of the conservative school of hard knocks.) He want to make sure our kids are not on the bottom of the heap when grade school insults are being passed out like halloween candy. Noble but misguided? I'm not sure, he might have a point.

I guess we will just sit back and see what happens. It gives me something good to fret about in the months to come.

What do you think about Allegra? I know, I know never ever ask for a name opinion.

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