Friday, November 18, 2005

Help, We're Squished

I am the family adoption file.
I've been sitting here in denial.
To see our little squished self, you'd really have to stare.
Help...move us to the matching room, we need some air!

Perhaps I am collecting dust.
Ignore me if you must.
Just pick me up, move me along.
Move me two inches, or I'll need a bong.

These families have kept me company long enough.
My file backing is weak, not tough.
Pick me up, move me to the top.
No more delay, dallying, or talk of stop.

I am the adoption file sitting here in the CCAA patch.
I've been here long enough, make us a match.


Sparky said...

That is perfect! I love it.

Julie said...

Hee hee. Love it.