Thursday, November 17, 2005

Swimming In Letters

One of the greatest things about watching a kid grow is to see how knowledge changes their world. All of the sudden Ava is facinated with reading letters. We have magnetic letters stuck to the refridgerator, two sets in fact. We needed more vowels.

She is obsessed. We now play the Spell It game. Which consists of her naming a word, me spelling it to her slowly, and she finds the letters on the fridge. She then arranges them in the correct order...making the word. She thinks this is an absolute hoot.

Recently Ava found the foam letters that have been sitting on a basket by the tub for a year. Now she wants to play the Spell It game in the tub. She gets very frustrated with me when the bubbles make seeing the letters difficult as she searches for her perfect letter. Last night she proudly yelled "I'm swimming in letters!"

Yes, baby you are.


Johnny said...


Stephanie V said...

That is a great picture. She is soow cute.

Colleen said...

Have her spell c-u-t-e!!!