Monday, November 07, 2005

Over The River And Through The Woods...

Yes, we've been at Grandma and Grandpa's house. In attempts to prepare for the large scale Operation Separation 2006, we are going to China for two weeks remember, I took Ava to spend some quality time with the Grands. My theory is that if she is very used to 5 star camping at the Grands she won't miss us a bit when we go to pick up Liv. This summer she spent a few days there while I vaca'd in Vegas with my college cronies. She did fine. Mommy? Mommy who? The Grands have super fabulous toys, the never closing buffet to die for, and even better...all the tv and personalized attention a 3 year old could possibly stomach. And she can take a lot, believe me.

I left the Grand's after after her personal bath complete with Swedish massage. (Yes, my mother actually gives her massages after each bath.) She laughs and whoops it up so hard I usually leave wondering hey, where is my gift certificate to Pat's Pleasing Palace of Magnificent Massage?

I packed up camp and hopped on over to Uncle Greggle's, 10 miles down the way. My dear sweet Bro' even gave me his bed to sleep in while he toughed it out on the couch. Two, yes count them 2, whole days and nights sans PBS Kids, PB & J, constant begging for chik'n nuggets, and just general leg tugging hip riding fun.

My God, Bro's house is QUIET. Not, oh the tv's on low quiet. I mean silent. Sort of freaked me out to be honest. He had beer and water in his fridge, giggle, is that the best cliche or what for a bachelor? I ate about 6 Almond Joy's before we went to breakfast....out....each morning. Now that is what I call heaven. I saw a movie, that did not have cartoon characters. Yes, I would recommend Charlize Theron and Frances Mc Dormand in the class action law suit for heinous sexual discrimination flik.

Then, by Sunday I was ready to see my little peanut to see how her weekend was going. (I also had to make sure she wasn't ready to fill out the paperwork establishing herself as a Michigan resident.) We have to save that for when she's ready to qualify for in-state tuition at U of M. You did not read that.

All was well, except for the fact the my mom was a little errr...tired. Ava was happy as a clam, running the adults into the ground. Ahhh well, nothing that 2 days of sleep on a couch watching Law and Order reruns won't cure. Ugh.

In addition to good times with Bro' I got piece of mind that she will be deliriously happy and well cared for when we travel to China. Maybe I need to send my poor mother a gift certificate for a massage of her own though.

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