Sunday, November 20, 2005

A Little Help Now From The Workshop...

This will be our first Christmas where Ava "gets" it. No doubt about it..she completely understands the whole bit where Santa will visit and leave presents. And she has quickly made it her mission to embrace the fact that she might have some control over what to ask for this year. Gone are the days of more interest in the box than the toy. Oh no, she's got a list and has checked it twice. She is hoarding the Toys R Us Big Book and has placed the Target toy book in the bathroom magazine rack. She sees something that catches her fancy and asks for "The List" to be pulled down from the refridgerator to be immediately updated. (I need to teach her MS Excel soon.)

It is not even Thanksgiving for heaven's sake.

I'm finding myself nostalgic for that stressful Christmas morning where she did not understand that certain gifts were for certain people. So she proceeded to just rip into everything and if a family member thought that gift might be for them, well it was up to him or her to quickly speak up. Aahh, those were the days.

She wants this. Ridiculous, I say. And I am pretty sure that the Lets' Annoy Mommy (LAM) factor might be sort of close to a pitiful 10 so I am reluctant. Plus, the Furby box says it is for ages 6 and up. Not for my almost 4 year old, right?
(Oh gosh, Ava just snuck up behind me and asked why Furby was on my computer. Aack...don't want to sanction Furby sightings.)

She also has interest in this. Now this is an interesting one. Although it is part of the dreaded Barbie collection. (As sort of a new age feminist type, Barbie is not my fav. )

Main Muffin Man almost had a kitten when he found out I broke down and bought a Barbie for Ava this fall, he laughed so hard I thought I saw a tear. But I find it a little less objectionable since it could theoritically promote fantasy play. It would be low on the (LAM) scale since it does not talk.
Pegasus might be in our future.

So wow, this is a whole new level of parental stress. Finding gifts that SHE wants, fit in the budget, and won't annoy the heck out of us adults.

Does anyone have Santa's cell phone number? I might need a personal consultation.

Note: I insisted that Ava's Barbie purchase be Brunette Barbie and African American Barbie. I know, I know I'm nuts. Especially since she sort of asked for the blond one.

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Johnny said...

Don't you know that American Marketing has now altered her genes so that she must now worshop blond haired, blue eyed (very thin) images?

Livin' the American Dream, I tell ya.