Sunday, November 13, 2005

My Brush With Fame...Maybe She's Related To Kevin Bacon

Tonight I met Jean McLeod at an FCC function. Jean is an author and reknowned speaker here in adoption land. She spoke about adoption parenting and homeland trips at our little soiree. Very interesting.

I must say she is a wonderful speaker if you are thinking helping to bring her to your town. But, as with most adoption talks I attend I end up feeling like the horrible adoptive parent at some point or another in the the lecture. Jean touched on sleep and the internationally adopted child. She apparently has a new book coming out in early 2006. She said that the first 45 pages deal with sleep in internationally adopted children. Whoooppeee I am not the only poor sucker dealing with sleep issues. Is our answer there? I will have to wait until Feb. 2006 to find out.

I tried to sneak an answer at the meeting. She casually suggested an adoption therapist. Oh God, where do you find an adoption therapist to help with the primal adoptive wound in my mid-western city? That is a task for tomorrow. Tonight I am alternating between taking in adoptive issues and dealing with my night waker. Which I learned that I should no longer be mad at....I should be meeting her need. Ok, until 3am...then I am done.

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Christy said...

We've had a ton of sleep issues with Jasmine. We've worked through most of them, but occasionally she gets some kind of trigger that causes another couple of weeks of major issues and then no one gets any sleep for a while.

You're not alone.