Monday, November 14, 2005

Things Only Your Mother Would Do For You

This is slightly at your own risk.

I was in my downstairs bathroom the other day minding my own business. I hear Ava start to screech and quickly she appears trying to open my door. She says, "I have to go now!" I tell her hurry up and run upstairs to go, Mommy is not done with the downstairs potty. She starts to whine saying she couldn't possibly run upstairs she has to go NOW.

I yell for Main Muffin Man to intervene and help with this little situation. Nothing.

I quickly finish my business and let her in. I help get her situated.

Twenty seconds later she says, "Oh gross it stinks and I want to go upstairs to go potty!" I tell her no go, she is already here, Go.

She ignores me, hops off and runs upstairs. Twenty seconds later I hear, "Hey Mommy, I need help. Hurry."

Who's zoomin' Mommy?

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