Tuesday, January 10, 2006


This is Woobie. Technically she is Woobie 2. When we discovered how attached Ava was to Woobie a few years ago we promptly dialed Lillian Vernon personally and told her we needed a backup. (The ever prepared parent will absolutely not tolerate even the slightest possibility of woobie"esque" damage, loss or any other horrible non-speakable things that the cruel world might offer. ) Woobie is the vertitable Velveteen Rabbit of our house. She is famous in her own right. No sleep will commence without Woobie. No tears will stop flowing unless The Woob (as I now call her since we are close) is there to console.

Woobie 2 has recently had surgery. It was a tailectomy and immediate tail transplant to be exact. We aren't going to divulge exactly how Woobie 2 got in such dire straights. We have decided to protect her privacy on the internet and all. We made sure she took all of the requisite anti-rejection medicines before her trip to the dum dum dum.....sewing room/operating room and mandatory recovery. Your thoughts and prayers are still welcome.

Here are Woobie 1 and Woobie 2 together again. Woobie 2 on the right is recovering nicely. Notice her tail is looking mighty perky and pink compared to her friend's. We are a little worried that Woobie 1 might need similar surgery in the near future. That is one sad looking little tail, Woobie 1.

In addition to tail end troubles Woobie is also experiencing satin shed. This is a very serious dermatological phenomenon that affects not only Woobies, but has been known to afflict stuffed ducks and bears too.

The other day Ava brought this to me.

It confirms satin shed. I'm just not sure this case of satin shed can be repaired in the operating room. It is sort of technical but has to do with close proximity to the tailectomy and scar tissue forming.

So there it is. The satin shed continues to sit on my desk, untouched. Even though I know there is little chance of saving it and doing another repair job on The Woob, I can't bear to let it go.

Call me a sentimental doctor or healer as I prefer. I'm just a little choked up about seeing the effects of time passing and one child's unconditional love for dear Woobie, or Woobies to be exact.


Johnny said...

Dang, it reminds me I have to get on the ball and order some clone Elmo's.

Tink said...

"Before you know it she is going to be strung out on beadspreads. Out on the street trying to score a quilt." hee hee

I completely confess to having a woobie. Mine is actually in pillow form (the cheapest and smooshiest of down pillows). I am currently on woobie #4. Hubby knows to always pack the Woob. I have no idea how I'm going to survive two weeks in China without it. The current woob has been to Belize for a two week treck and back, but takes up too much room for China.

In all seriousness though, is that the satin edging that came off? I remember going to Woolworths as a child to pick out new satin edging for the original Woob #1. That was some serious business, but fun as a kid. Consider it.

Woobie #1 was actually my original baby blanket and not a pillow. Woob #1 had a shameful death by my own mother's hand so be careful!!

I'm so afraid, we already have singles on some stuff that we will never be able to get a second of.

We are screwed.

Colleen said...

This post had me cracking up! May you never lose Woobie 1 or 2 ever!