Wednesday, January 11, 2006

N-e-e-d Pedoodles

Oh my...sure do wish I had my baby's referral right about now. Yes, for all of the obvious reasons and one more. Pedoodles.

I came dangerously close to clicking BUY IT on Ebay this afternoon. They are so wickedly cute I am even wondering if I could squeeze Ava's foot in the largest toddler size. Heck, do they make 'em in my size?

But then...what size will baby be? How upset will I be if she has outgrown them by the time we meet her? Would her feet be hot in them by this summer?

Someone needs a little retail therapy...that's for sure.


M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

Oh! So. Cute.
Must resist buying until we get a referral... ugh, this not shopping is killing me!

Susan said...

Buy them. We'll use them and send them back to you PLUS we'll throw in a pair of gently used pink lame velcro tennis shoes with the promise you send them on to whoever is next in line. I'd say a size 4...we can probably make a 3 work, though.

Not pushing, but just in case you were really needing to buy something, know in your heart it has a place to go.


Lisa~~ said...

Too cute for words.

Colleen said...

How you resisted is beyond me because these have cute written all over them!

Stephanie V said...

I'm not shopping either. I sort of learned my lesson when I bought a boat load of winter clothes only to find out we'd be traveling in the summer! Plus, what if we get referred a 16 month old? Then I'll have summer AND winter clothes that don't fit.

kikalee said...

I sadly put a stop on shopping too. It sucks, because with all the *free* time I want to shop for OLO to cheer me up. I did the opposite of Steph by buying a ton of summer clothes last year. I think we should have one giant swap.