Monday, January 30, 2006

Gong Xi Fa Cai

I took Miss Ava to the Chinese New Year celebration hosted by our local Chinese Community Center. Of course she had a ball and ran around like a mad woman enjoying the crafts and games and pork with tofu before the performance.

Then she promptly fell asleep in my lap 1/2 way through the show. Everyone got up during the intermission and seemed to thoroughly enjoy the site of my kid zonked out in my lap. Unable to wake her we sat there for another 20 minutes. The little boy sitting next to us kept pointing and laughing at her, "Hey Baba, little Chinese girl fell asleep on that lady's lap." Ha Ha Ha.

On a high note, I got to wear my favorite jacket purchased in Guangzhou. They made it special to fit my long arms. "No extra cost for you...cute baby, so no extra cost.", the shrewd business owner told me while we were shopping that day. Note: even if you are not a tiny size nothing but are interested in the clothes in China, just ask them to measure you and often they will make it for you in a day or two. Amazing. I think those little 100 lb. women in the store thought my 6" tall frame was quite the anomaly.

Performing 10,000 jumps over the Chinese jump rope at the performance might have contributed to falling asleep at the performance.

Always, the Monday morning quarterback.

That kid has to learn to pace herself.

We hope your family enjoyed the New Year festivities as much as ours did. Wishing you a fortunate 2006!


Colleen said...

Love the jacket! And she fell asleep during the show? Wow, maybe I should make my daughter start jumping rope more!

Lisa~~ said...

The jacket is lovely. I can't wait to have a few made!

Lee-Anne said...

Firstly, lovin Ava's red shoes! How cool! I noticed your jacket in the photo, and figured it was bought whilst in China (no extra charge! what a crack up!) When in Bali I had a leather jacket made, and was told the same thing - "You, very long arms!" Great. Kinda confirms the whole ape-people theory!!!
:) Lee-Anne

Stephanie said...

What a nice photo - your daughter is beautiful. I too have a daughter and am in the process of adopting from China. Best of luck with number two!