Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Top Ten Oooohhh Pleeaase

Apparently Parent Center dot com has published the top 100 names of 2005, or so my friend tells me. She knows that I am sort of struggling for just that perfect name for Ava's little sister. I have already written about the fact that Muffin Man picked Ava, we LOVED it, done deal. No fuss, no muss. Now it is my turn, oooh the agony.

My friend emailed me this list saying oh, since I know you are still name shopping, how about the old what's popular list? I did not get any new ideas*, but did figure out quite quickly that our sort of first choice for the new babe's name is a HUGELY unoriginal top ten name. To rub salt in the wound, apparently my huband's fabulous choice of 2002 which we were convinced was the perfect melding of non-weird but not common, sophisticated yet not old, she could be a business woman, pretty but not cutesy name is now a whopping #10. Now how did the man who still owns topsiders and says "groovy" pick a #10?

Girl Names as Listed By Parent Center Dot Com

1 Emma
2 Emily
3 Madison
4 Kaitlyn
5 Sophia
6 Isabella
7 Olivia
8 Hannah
9 Makayla
10 Ava

Well, shit. I have issues with being too trendy, too yuppie (again with the sooo yesterday lingo, but then again not that long ago we were DINKS, remember that one?) too suburban, white middle class, dare I suggest upper middle class names, midwestern names. Blah Blah Blah...

I simply don't know whether I can cave to having two kids on the top 10 list. Where is my artistic avant guarde black turtle neck wearing self? Probably at the Honda Oddessy lot, waiting for me to cave on that one too.

*Although we did have an online laugh trashing the yucky ones on the top 100 list. I may give up and name her Destiny Trinity. Evil.


Rumor Queen said...

OMG, Madison was at the top of our list. Not anymore. Of course. But just the idea that we almost picked a trendy name. Ick.

Thank goodness the name we settled on is not on that list.. if it was we'd be back at square one.

Stephanie V said...

Are you telling me Aja isn't on the list?

When we go back for Em's sister, we've already decided on Lucy (my grandma). I'm glad to see at least one of my daughters won't have a top ten name.

M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

I'm with you -- I just can't get my head around being trendy. If I like a name and look it up and it's on "that list" it's out. Hey, you can always go with something wayyyyyyyyyyyy out there like, oh, I don't know, Mary-Mia. Won't find that on any list anywhere. ;-)

To China For Emma said...

My sister's name it the number 1 name on the list. PLEASE tell me the top 100 middle names does NOT start with Grace!!! My sister's name it going to be Emma Grace. I can't beleave that.....
Jie Jie to Emma Grace waiting for us in China:o(

Krista said...

We were thinking of Kaitlyn for a little while but the trendy thing helped us to decide a family name (Rebecca) would be better.

Colleen said...

When I picked Olivia 5 years ago I thought I was being oh so original too. Go figure! Whatever happened to Debbie's and Laura's like when we were in school?

kikalee said...

I'm so surprised Ava is in the top ten. I find it so unique. But heck, what do I know, I'm a DINK. This is so hard!!! I might just keep OLO.

Miss said...

We picked a name that is unusual but not weird, one I have never seen on the baby name lists or used by anyone I know. That is, until I started reading your blog. So how do you like the name Perrin? I hope you dig it because that's what we plan to use for our girl.