Friday, January 27, 2006

What Will They Think In Hunan?

A few weeks ago I learned that Fran Morris from is planning a trip to China in March. They plan to photograph several cities in Hunan Province. They even plan knock on the door of her orphanage to give them pictures that American families have put together chronicling their children's lives. We can present a letter and a few pictures hoping that the orphanage director and caretakers will agree to accept the package.

I say hope because Ava's orphanage has been rather closed to Westerners. Very few families and groups have been granted access to the facility. The director is organized and proficient but not warm and welcoming. My hope is that the China Finding employee presenting the letter and photos will at least be permitted to give the packet to someone who can share the photos with people who care for the children at the facility.

I can only imagine that if I worked at an orphanage I would want to know where all these babies go. Do they get parents that love them? Do their parents care about their Chinese heritage? Will they go to school? What are their days like?

So, off the package will go. I hope they see it as our little attempt to say thank you to those caretakers who heard her cry in the middle of the night. Xie xie to the nanny who picked her up and fed her that thick mushy bottle. Thanks to the woman who carried her on her hip and looked into her lovely brown eyes while taking her to the play room. Thanks to the nannies who rode with her on that long hot bus ride to Changsha in Sept. of 2002. Thanks to the administrator who plopped her paperwork in the international adoption pile.

Thanks for caring about my baby!


Johnny said...

I'm sorry your orphange is restrictive. I'm the guy building this year's photobook for our orphanage.

Lee-Anne said...

I think it's great that you're sending something back to Ava's orphanage. I think it will be very reassuring for them to see she is doing well. Will you take Ava with you with you go back to China, for Ava's sister? Apparently hardly any kids go back, which is a little sad.

Nice photo portfolio!