Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Happy Birthday Baby Girl

Four years ago a beautiful healthy baby girl was born in what I can only guess to be the countryside of northern Hunan Province. Perhaps this child was born into the thicket of difficult adult problems that had absolutely nothing to do with her. Her birth may have complicated one woman's family life offering little choice but to have to make one of life's most gut wrenching decisions...physical relinquishment.

But often in life what is tragedy in one moment can in the next moment bring an outgrowth of joy. We live in a strange and wondrous universe. I will say it is a surreal and humbling experience to be situated on the tail end of someone's unspeakable grief only to be handed the greatest gift of all. A child to love on a daily basis, to watch grow.

I got to see her walk through my bedroom door this morning. Her hair was dishelved, her eyes sleepy. In her hands she toted 3 books. She said, "Good Morning Mama", in her sweetest tone of voice, usually reserved for cunning attempts to procure candy. I rolled over and said, "Good Morning baby girl, Happy Birthday. You're 4." She said, "I thought I would be 4 today." We both laughed as she crawled up into my bed for morning book time.

I've been crying on and off all morning. Tears of joy, my baby is 4! Tears for a woman and a man I don't know, but can feel, who live a world away. I hope they are restful today, intuitively knowing that she is safe, thriving and loved.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl.


Johnny said...

That's very sweet. It made me misty!

M3 (Mary-Mia) said...


Happy Birthday!!!!

Traci S. said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AVA!!!!! It's nice to celebrate with you and Mamma, even if it is from afar.


Lee-Anne said...

Happy Birthday AVA!

What an awesome post.

Tears are not wasted, when they are tears for our children.


Doug said...

My baby girl turns 4 on February 20.

How quickly they are growing up.

I hope your little one had a great day!