Wednesday, January 25, 2006

It's take your kid to work day

I know, I know I don't actually work..outside the home anymore. I hate the silly term "outside the home" even though I still use it all the time when people ask me what I do. That term sounds to me like I work, but only surrounded by these surburban walls. The fact is that I still feel like I work harder outside the home than I do inside the home. Maybe because I am a crappy cook, don't bake, and have a high tolerance for dust bunnies. It's complicated, but not really since I don't work outside the home. See?

Many years ago I saw a psychic. I only saw her one time, although I liked her and considered going back but just did not get around to it. I had the reading mostly for fun and curosity. She said something that never left me. I asked her about children and she sort of stammered for a minute. (Ahhh hindsight.) Then she told me that I would have a little girl that I would take everywhere with me. We would be very close. I would take her places that some parents would not take their children. She told me that I was a busy person with lots to do and this child would go with me even when I worked.

Little girl, check. Goes everywhere with me, check. But I don't work. Although...I have found myself to be knee deep in volunteer'land. Let me be honest...I never pictured myself to be the type to be running from here to there with volunteer opportunities. I guess I'm not sure what I thought quitting my career would look like after 3 years under my belt, but really I never thought I would be here. By here, I mean involved with 3 or 4 organizations and taking a leadership role in Ava's heritage non-profit, or my local FCC for the adoption crowd. This is not bad or anything, I just sort of thought I might be in graduate school at night while pulling down a tidy sum to manage some working stiffs at a widget making company. Lofty aspirations, I know.

So, back to the psychic prediction. As I was in a pseudo business meeting this afternoon, making plans for the local FCC Chinese New Year's function to rent the Children's Museum I thought of that psychic. I thought of her as I leaned over to Ava to ask for a piece of coloring book paper to borrow to take notes. (In my huffy rush to get us there on time I left my portfolio in the car.) Ava did not miss a beat and acted like I always borrow paper from her in a meeting room. The three employee managers at the meeting quickly offered paper without Scooby Doo. How nice. I was slightly mortified for a minute. And then I remembered the psychics words, "You will take her lots of places. Even places some other mothers would not take a child." I started to relax about feeling inappropriate. Pehaps this is just where I am supposed to be right now, kid in tow. But still getting out there in the world.

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Colleen said...

I love this Perrin! And yes, I think this is exactly where you're supposed to be!