Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Come Sit On The Couch

Drs. Freud, Erikson, Piaget, Jung, and Malfy (if you can take a break from Tony Soprano); what is it that drives some parents to the brink of oversensationalized exhaustion when speaking with other adults about the talents and gifts of their children?

When your child is extra something, or in some cases extra everything, does that make you as a parent all the more over the top wonderful, talented, intelligent, great personality, makes her own clothes, head cheerleader, mother of the year?

Would I be out of order to suggest, ugh no? Only that much more annoying to me.

Really, does that child who is 3 need to be in the 5 year old gym class because she is sooo athletic? Does you need to be stressing the teacher out asking for sooo much extra attention in preschool because she is soooo bright? Does the child really not play with others well because she is so far "beyond" the others?

I wonder how much energy it would take to recognize an old fashioned normal kid? And what is wrong with normal?

Normal is ok.

Oh, and I suppose since we are asking the Drs. today I wonder why this has bothered me ALL darn day long? People usually don't creep me out or bug the crap out of me like this. Perhaps I need to chill.

And go kiss my super talented, plays well with others, no longer runs with scissors, colors in the lines even though I encourage her not to, MENSA genius. This is all Mommy code for: she's NORMAL.

Hopping off the box now....

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Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Are you saying I'm not an Uber Perfect mom, like I thought I was, since my child is at 105% on the height growth chart?????