Sunday, January 01, 2006

Oh Rats, New Witching Hour Strategy Needed

Rats...I thought this little blankie would be so comfortable that Miss Nocturnal would have no choice but to want to spend oh, say between 10 and 12 hours a night all alone snuggled up underneath. I practically fell asleep at the store while purchasing it two weeks ago. Then again that might have had something to do with why I was purchasing it in the first place. With it being hypo-allergenic, puppy belly soft, not too heavy, and the sweetest shade of mango I truly thought I'd hit a home run with the 82nd episode of project Ava sleeps alone through the night.

No such luck. She says her blankets get "bunchy". The "bunchy" factor seems to be playing into why she must have parental assistance approximately every 2 hours for a straighten out and re-tuck session. My grumblings, snarls, and threats seem to pull no weight.

What is one tired cranky momma to do? Retire "bunchy" to the linen closet of course.

In it's place, I present....

The sure fired extra fluffy down filled pinch hitter. The best Macy's Department Store has to offer. Well, the best the after Christmas clearance sale with an extra 20% off coupon has to offer to be exact.

Guaranteed to be extra fluffy..super warm..requiring no other blankie friends...and complete reduction in the "bunchy" factor.

In fact, while at Macy's it was explained to Miss Nocturnal that in addition to it's obvious attributes, it is Magic. It's powers enable even the most doubtful owner that it will indeed make sure anyone who slips underneath that they will not need any parent to re-tuck at 2am, find water for a 3am or 4am simple blankie straightening.

See? Here she is practicing. Can you feel the love?

Has tired cranky momma found the holy grail?

Or, will Miss Noctural win another round of Witching Hour Follies?

Honestly, I'd give it about 50/50 odds.


Johnny said...

Oh man, your timeline for night issues sounds way worse than mine.

Colleen said...

So enquiring minds need to know....did it work?