Thursday, December 01, 2005

Would I Dare?

How bold would I be to change my national June China Adoption DTC yahoo group setting to "No Mail"? Oh, let's be honest I wouldn't dream of silently withdrawing or God Forbid...making a public announcement saying something like...

"Gosh you people are rumour mongers and I know you are nice people and all but, just a little stressed about getting your babies. Gosh, I woke up at 3am last night worrying that the CCAA would only process 2 weeks at a time for the next 150 months and that will make my referral SHIT...April of 2047 and I just can't take it anymore."

So, I've thought about it off and on all day. Honestly I've had a really nice day where I took my cutie pie to a fabulous lunch downtown, saw Santa where she could ask for this for the 100th time, and rode the darling Winter Express Train. I know, I know...pathethic. Go "no, email" or not? Trust my agency to simply call me when out child has been matched with us? I am comtemplating it! Notice I am not even willing to consider taking myself off the list...why then how could I be ultimately in control of knowing EVERYTHING about where our dossier is at all times? So, I had this great day and I am thinking about the stupid email lists. Double pathethic.

In my defense, at our lunch I did have to field no less than 3 well wisher questions "Oh, I was driving down today thinking you might have your referral in a few weeks." "Oh, don't worry it's in God's hands." and "You know if you got your referral today it might not be the RIGHT child." Phelh. Plelh. (She does in her best yiddish accent..and I was raised sort of Catholic, but that is another story, and do I get points for a college education with lots of Jewish city kids?)

So, I am still thinking about going "no email" on my national connection to the China adoption daily rumour mill. Haven't decided. It would take a true act of surrender.

Can she follow Buddha and surrender, think about what Ghandi had to release? Remember I was raised sort of Catholic...with a New Age twist. Stay tuned. I promise to be honest.


Anonymous said...

Go NO E-Mail! I did it six weeks ago and am much happier! You can always check in when you have time. The only lists I recieve email from now is June FTIA and general FTIA. I look at three blogs; yours, Gwenblog and ours. I only go to APC and June DTC (worldwide) approx. twice a month! It's liberating ~~ do it!!
(You can always change it back after a fair trial time.) Good Luck and don't over think it! Just do it!! Those sweet wonderful people that we'll be seeing at the White Swan are obsessive! It was driving me crazy!


Traci said...

Wait, I forgot Julie and Chris' blog ~~ of course, I read that also!


Stephanie V said...

You're on the June DTC Yahoo group too? Well then, you saw my full frontal meltdown yesterday?! "Don't fret" - grrrrr. I officially went "no email", I just can't take it anymore. I figure I'll peak in around the end of the month to see what the current freak-outs are, but I just can not take the happy folks any longer. We'll see how it goes -considering I'm a little obsessive about dossier movement - I may cave.