Thursday, December 22, 2005

I'm going to stop...ok, now I'm going to stop

Usually I am the voice of reason around here. Main muffin man simply loves to indulge everything that moves in this household. Pooch has way too many toys, he never questions me about spending especially if it is frivolous, and our babe has a wide variety of all things material courtesy of Daddy. My ill fated attempts to discuss the evils of serious materialism and the effects on our American society fall deaf on his ears. It is probably because the plasma tv is turned up too loud.

I admit I'm the one who is usually sort of scroogie, since we are in the season and all. Oh yes, and I have to deal with the little annoyance in life called the bank account, and its lack of girth.

So what is my deal? I can't stop myself from visiting every toy store this side of the Mississippi. Is she getting jammies and socks for Christmas, oh heck no. We walked out of Toys R Us a few weeks ago on our annual Christmas pilgrimage. Main muffin man just shook his head and said, "Impressive show babe." Toys, baby! I need a program or something. I've even been questioning my parent friends to see if I'm going overboard. (Which I already know the answer to, just want to see how overboard.) By the turns out my friends are either enabling me or they have their own issues.

So yesterday Ava says: Mommy, my friend has this Pachyderm game. It shoots butterflies out the nose and if you collect them all you WIN. I sure hope I get Pachyderm from Santa.

Yes, Ava uses the word pachyderm rather than elephant, she says it is much funnier. She is right, say it... pachyderm. It is hilarious, you've got to give her that. Seeing her laugh whenever she uses it is priceless.

So, moral dilemma Thursday has set in. Do I run out and grab just one more toy to add to the already exploding closet of all things that would please an almost 4 year old? Or, do I take the moral high ground stick with the existing loot and hope she forgets about pachyderms?

I must----stop----shopping. I----must.

Thank goodness for safety nets. Her birthday is in a few weeks.


Anonymous said...

The elephant game with butterflies flying out is great (little nets for the kids to catch them right?). My older nephew had one and I have looked for this but can't find it. If you find it, please post where.
Happy Holidays!

Colleen said...

You mean Elefun? It brings tons of pleasure to this household. And yes, if she wished Santa would bring her one, I admit, I would run out and buy it and then take one of the toys already purchased and re-wrap it in birthday paper.

Sigh. I know. I have a problem.

Traci said...


Buy it!! We have it in our closet and our kids love it! I'm with Colleen, re-wrap something else for her birthday! Elefun is a blast! They laugh and shriek and carry on! Fun to video tape them playing.


Susan said...

We bought this. No kidlet in the house yet. But we bought it and we played it.