Monday, December 26, 2005

It Must Have Been The Reindeer Dust

Christmas Eve we decided that Santa's reindeer might need a snack. By the time they would arrive here at our house they might be a little hungry. How did we know this? We watched the Santa Cam travel from Asia to Europe and then onto the America's of course. Amazing! My brother and I decided that we could hardly believe that we grew up not being able to track Santa's progress on the internet. Oh, the days where we had to go to bed dreaming of sugar plums dancing rather than the bird's eye view of Santa's sleigh as it spanned the doppler 8 radar.

Ava was all for making reindeer food. She carefully measured oats and colored sugar mixed with a dash of that Santa would be dazzled enough to visit us first when he approached our Millbrook neighborhood. She donned her favorite princess outfit for spreading reindeer food throughout the front yard. (Please do not ask me why my child feels the need to dress in old Halloween costumes for all of our Christmas photos. see this.)

Ava also decided to test the reindeer food. You know, to be a good hostess and all. Someone has to teach this child manners. Would Emily Post be proud or horrified?

Notice she has the gold and white full length gown working with the gold
tones faux fur lined jacket. Apparently my girl likes the bling. I am almost
afraid to admit she's also sporting the red glitter shoes. And, she's worried
Santa's reindeer might miss her?

Funny thing about this...just between you and is the same oatmeal that I absolutely cannot get her to eat for breakfast.

The reindeer food must have done the trick. Christmas Day was delightful. All family members opened presents, ate massive amounts of scrambled eggs and then loafed in front of the television watching Heidi re-runs, Miracle on 34th Street, It's a Wonderful Life...etc... Of course everyone had to take the obligatory turn learning how to play a new game listed as 2-4 players and For Ages 5 and Up. It at times got a little dicey as we were trying to explain multiple rules to our 3 year old. God, knows this family loves a productive day.

We hope you all had a Merry Merry One, spent with the ones you love. Peace.

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Johnny said...

Very sweet, especially the slightly blue-ish teeth!