Thursday, December 15, 2005

Is She Really Going To Let Him Adopt Her Kids?

Let me preface this post by saying I ordinarily couldn't care less about what the stars are doing on a daily basis. Most of them seem so narcissistic and ego driven that it is just a little to "out there" for my midwestern self. Some of my friends think I am just weird in that I don't even like to watch the Emmy's. Back to that narcissistic thing...we do a job and then we need to throw a huge party and give ourselves golden awards several times a year? Hmmm....when will the great teachers in our community get an all night party, what about the nurses...where is their gold statue? How about the people who pick up my yucky trash every week, when do they get a free Armani suit?

But then again, I do admit to scoping out the People magazine when I visit my hair stylist. It is a guilty pleasure, the smell of Aveda shampoo, lots of free hand lotion samples, and gossipy smut from People magazine. Yeah, I'm obviously not that high and mightly...I sneak a peak now and then.

Yesterday I thought I might have to see Nicole Ritchie waste away to 26lbs. or see the ever intelligent Britney shamelessly flaunt her post partum boobies at some Hollywood pool party; while claiming to be the best mother in all of fantasy land.

But no...apparently Angelina is letting Brad adopt her children. And if it is mentioned in People, well then it must be true right? Obviously this is obscenely ridiculous for so many reasons. So I won't bore you by naming them all. But I have to admit this one sort of got me riled up. Got my panties in a twist. What the hell? Why would she do this? Why do I even care?

Here's why. I just had this sick "adoption is a circus" feeling while looking at the magazine. And it is not. It is absolutely normal...and good. There are people who hurt in the process, there are people who's wildest dreams come true in this process. It is human, and real with all of its greatness and flaws. It is not trivial Hollywood fare! It has nothing to do with who is wearing who's red dress, and which ingenue alledgedly slept with Paris' ex-boyfriend.

Fine, Angelina adopts children. I'm thrilled for her. I'm not even convinced she's a Mommy Dearest or anything, she might even be a pretty good person. I know this is terribly judgemental but allowing the glad rags to photograph her and her boyfriend du jour and her children while openly discussing how he gets to adopt these kids leaves me with the heebie jeebies.


Donna said...

I feel pretty much the same way you do about this. It just seems weird. But I'm curious to know how they'll pull this off because (at least in California where I live) you have to be married for a least a year before your new husband can adopt your child(ren).

Mom to Gwen of Shenzhen!

Johnny said...

And where is the home study? And where is the "letter from his employer"? And where is his financial statement? And where is his....

Ed and Lisa said...

Here's the thing... Hollywood is not real. And unfortuantely a lot of (not all of)the things that go on in Hollywood often don't last. Think of the things that are done on a whim out there all the time... (engagements, marriages, etc...) maybe they don't last because of all of the publicity... I mean really, we have no idea what that lifestyle is like and I can't even begin to imagine what life would be like in the public eye.... but I digress.

How much time went in to thinking this out? What happens if they don't have the fairytale ending and don't end up happily ever after? What happens to the kids then? What are the chances that Brad will remain these children's father? It's none of our business but I agree... it kind of cheapens the whole adoption process. Johnny is right... where's the homestudy? Where's the sleepless nights? Where's the paperchasing?? Yeesh....