Friday, December 09, 2005

Reading Code and Shoveling

Hmmm...I've practically had no time today to sit down and compose my thoughts as I have been sorting through eblogger code to fix my ummm....aesthetic blogger problem. I have also spent a decent amount of time and physical energy shoveling out of massive amounts of snow.

First, my eblogger problem. I guessed and figured it out, ok, it took me over an hour, and I'm being generous. Amazing for a state university communications and policical science major. My first thought was I would just convert to typepad and fix the problemo but then I downloaded the 83 page manual explaining how to move your existing worthless thoughts to the new and more expensive format. Hm...then again this girl is always up for a challenge. (I used to hang with some great quality assurance personnel.) I'm up for any task that does not include difusing a three year old temper tantrum right now. This ex-big blue employee needs a mind challenge. Thank you John for the help.

Second, the physical challenge of my day. Apparently the weather man/woman in my state who is ALWAYS wrong was infact right this time. My state's unofficial motto is "don't like the weather, just stay for 30 minutes". They were duly warning me on the news and I poo poo'd them. Surely we won't really get gobs of white stuff. No need to panic. I can get peanut butter and hotdogs at any time of the day I like....Don't threaten me. Well, they were right and I was wrong. I had to pay the piper and feed my kid the last hot dog this morning for breakfast. Please don't call child protective services.

Sorry, back to the physical part. Main muffin man has been out of town all week selling stuff to evil management at Walmart in Arkansas. I felt sort of bad that he might have to come home to 8 inches of snow on the suburban driveway at 11pm. So, in a moment of weakness and feminist power I decided "I can do this shoveling thing." Let's just say I my right hand is still sort of shaky and my lumbar #c4 is not happy. But we have a plowed driveway. Main Muffin Man is supremely happy and a little physical labor reminds me that I live a pretty cushy life...overall....


Traci said...

You've earned my complete respect! I haven't even considered shoveling the driveway in 8 years. Not since my first pregnancy. I'll do the sidewalk, but not the whole driveway! You tick me off because you make me ask myself, "Why don't you shovel the driveway?!" Arrgghhh...Perrin, can't you just stay in and protect women's rights to take care of the inside of the house? Now I have to reevaluate the way I treat my strong, physically capable guy. I'd better go start the fire in the fireplace. Maybe that will be enough of a shock for him!

Perrin said...

Don't worry Traci...I don't cut lawns. Hubby is afraid I might chop a toe off.