Friday, June 23, 2006

The Water Baby

Here we have a very serious moment. Goggles in place, arms positioned on kick board, legs fluttering. The 2020 Olympics are only 14 years away you know.

Then after the aqua kick fest the goggles are carefully positioned on head and verbal acknowledgment of a job well done is expected. Requisite Mommy cheering commences. "Good job baby, I'm so proud of you. You are such a great swimmer, pumpkin." Then Mommy has to endure the sneers and rolling of eyes from other been there done than that Mommies. No Mommy spirit shall be dashed today. This Mommy is seeing her kid on the side of a Wheaties box.

Now it is time for the diving board. Goggles in place once again. That's a big step for a little kid. Little body, big determination.

Walking the plank. More goggle adjustment. (As a side note, I gave the skeptical Mommies even more to snicker at as I actaully started to cry. In my defense I am 12 1/2 months pregnant and slightly hormonal. Public crying has become a wee bit of a problem this week.)

And next...the action money shot. The grand leap!

Uh huh, here we have an example of why people with children might want to skip the digital camera with the dreaded digital lag time.

No worries, success. The lap of champions, the swim to the ladder with a little help of her swim instructor.

Look out Diana Nyad, Ava Jing might be signing up to swim the English Channel. But only if they let her wear pink goggles and bring a noodle.


Johnny said...

Very sweet!

Stephanie said...

Your post cracked me up! Well, at least the LONG pregnancy is almost over!

Space Mom said...

That is great! Did she have a fear of jumping? I can't get S to jump in easily

Kristin said...

does this mean that eva will eventually put her head underwater? i am totally showing her these photos!

Lisa and Tate said...

Great JOB!!!! Seasoned mommies at the pool I pitty you.... there should always be joy in little tykes accomplishment whether it is the first kiddo or the 11 kiddo!!!!

Can't wait until Monday when we see the picture of the new baby!!!