Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Current Crib

Here is a picture of Olivia Xi GeGe's current digs.

Current crib. Really, it is literally a current crib at Yangxi County SWI.

Want to see the wash room?

Can you tell that I am a little desperate for photos?

Now, bring on the real photo. Please.


Susan said...

We are ready for pictures, too. Can't wait to see your little Olivia!


Stephanie V said...

You know all and all, it seems pretty nice - you know, given...

Where's Olivia's picture? I think it's time to call your agency. Do you want me to do it? I'll do it for you!

Kristin said...

Well, it looks sterile... but, hello? Want to see Missy Olivia!!!

Will stalk your blog all day waiting for the photo post.

kikalee said...

I need a photo fix over here. I'm drained from refreshing Emma-bug all day yesterday (but oh was it worth it), and I'm holding on to the rest of my energy for Olivia!

Colleen said...

I can't wait to see your own little Olivia. (Great name!) Hope you get her photo soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey Perrin,
How did you find pictures of the SWI?
Amber tincher

Glen said...

I have video posted on my blog of Jangxi SWI I thought you would like to see it. The place looks sparce for decerations but it allso looks clean and well stafed. Congadulations. Fellow ccai family