Friday, June 16, 2006

No animal harmed in quest for suburban bliss....

Do you remember this suburban dilemma? I lobbied hard for the little guy and surprisingly enough Muffin Man easily agreed to keep critter control at bay. (Of course, the $75 varmit catch and release fee helped in the decision.)

Yesterday was the day. Our contractor showed up right on time after I bugged him incessantly about showing up to DO SOMETHING FOR THE LOVE OF GOD to finish this little project. He built this.


The little guy was panicking all day. His house was after all experiencing something equivalent to the little pig who had his house blown down by the big bad wolf.

Later that evening, the Muffin Man and I were starting lovingly into each other's eyes silently asking each other where the heck 15 years have gone over Copper Ridge salmon, asparagus, and a decent bottle of chardonnay. Fifteen years ago yesterday I was quite the blushing June bride you see. Mostly we had a financial discussion about ditching his vehicle in favor of a company car. Now that's romance folks. Nothing says sweet nothings like the chatter of 92,000 miles and insurance updates. I am getting all hot and bothered just thinking about it.

Then I hear this...Scratch, scratch, scratch.

"Oh my gosh, its the raccoon", I say. There I was helping myself to another big helping of salmon sitting right on top of the little panicky guy on the deck.

Muffin man gets up from his seat just then and pronounces, "No, problem he will dig himself out through the azela bush tonight. Smell that salmon...he won't let any drippings go unattended to."

Sure enough. $75 well saved. No animal harmed.

Check out his brand new little door.

I'm running right back to Lowes to get him matching door handles.

Oh, one more thing. Today our paperwork has officially been sitting at the Beijing CCAA office for ONE WHOLE YEAR. We have the dubious distinctive honor of being able to say we are one of the first folks to hit the 1 year mark with no referral in quite some time. Someone should be dusting it off very soon.


M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

Hooray! I've been rooting for the little guy.

That's a pretty dubious distinction on your paperwork anniversary isn't it? I'm thinking someone is holding your folder (and the picture of your daughter) right this very second. Not too much longer now.

Traci said...

"I'm running right back to Lowes to get him matching door handles."

That is so funny! I have to confess that your little friend would have received an eviction notice from me.

I'm pretty sure that I am being targeted by our local PETA organization as someone who needs to be "saved" or converted. ;-)
I'm going to this website right now to learn what in the world is wrong with me and my thinking.

I'm happy that you and your friend (by the way - he's cute!) can live amicably in the same space. I must be so lame.

Our referrals will be here soon!


Gracencameronsmomy said...

Is that an actual picture of him? He's so cute!! I am glad it worked out!

Lisa~~ said...

Happy Anniversary!! If you want, I'll trade your 12 months for my what will probably be 14 or 15 months!

Space Mom said...

Happy Anniversary! I wonder what happened to that Raccoon!

T-shaped Girl said...

I'm not quite as sympathetic to the racoon family that has taken up residence in my yard. They have turned my yard into their toilet. Yuck.

Sorry to hear about the 1-year mark. Really sorry.

Lee-Anne said...

Racoon's door definitely needs matching handles LOL!!!

One year. Yes, I'm sure many will follow in your wake. I hope our wait will only be a year! (DTC Feb 06)

:) Hang in there!

(and congrat's on the anniversary - it's a rare thing to make it through 15 years, these days!!! Fantastic!)

Aimee said...

WOW....what a cutie pie...the racoon of course. Glad he wasn't hurt