Sunday, June 11, 2006

Addition Edition

The walls are now a warm shade of Malted- courtesy of my friends Mr. Sherwin and Mr. Williams. The trim work and window seat are a slick shade of nurse white. So slick in fact I am afraid a few brain cells may have been sacrificed in the making. Certainly Phil the painter felt the lacquer burn since he decided not to wear the Star Wars respirator while spreading the white shine. Tsk Tsk. This was confirmed when he told Muffin Man that he's fine, he's been painting like this since the 1960's. (Phil cannot be any older than 40.) You do the math.

The odiferousness was indeed a little overbearing this week. Since I am paranoid about smells like that causing stars to fall out of the sky on my head while simultaneously causing my dog's toe nails to curl, I decided to open all windows and make us scarce.

I picked Ava up and we decided to check out what was happening in town. Amazingly, I watched Elaine reincarnate herself in my four year old at a free music concert. My high as a kite, huffing pooch trolled the room over and over in perfect concentric circles. Since she was enjoying her buzz so much we left her behind.

There she is my very own little fly girl, Seinfeld style.

Oh, I almost forgot the most important part. The hand rubbed venetian bronze door handles. Ok, so hand rubbed and venetian might be a little bit of an exaggeration but they are bronze(ish). And I do love them so.

Here is Vanna showing them off. We will have to keep ourselves busy admiring them for a few more days since the flooring is on back order. Apparently all of the 3/8" maple flooring with a cinnamon stain is on backorder, countrywide! Muffin man was a little skeptical when he heard that from our contractor. So if you are in the contiguous United States and getting maple flooring with a cinnamon stain Muffin Man wants to hear from you.

And for anyone worried about the pooch, don't. She's 14 and was somewhat mentally incapacitated even before the huffing incident earlier this week. She's fine, still walking circles but fine.


Johnny said...

Thanks for the update. Painters are notorious for not much left rattling upstairs. And, I've got two 15 year "pups" that don't have much rattling upstairs also.

What are the chances we'll finish together? Har-har!

What are the chances you'll be TA and they're still "waiting for the referral for that wood"?

Julie said...

It's beautiful! So much light! And I am especially jealous of that amazing window seat with the storage. Nice job!

Jessi said...

It's beautiful! I love the knobs too!

Lisa~~ said...

The room and color are beautiful and I love the window seat. Great job!

Colleen said...

I've never seen Vanna look so cute! The room is turning out beautiful.

Kristin said...

We have electrical happening this week at Casa de Home Improvement..

The color is gorgeous and i will tell you that our painter is also pemanently addled from years of oil based paint installation... he has no phone, if you want him you have to stake out Diedrich's coffee at about 7 am M-F and DON'T think about paying him with a check... all money is kept in various cans buried round the back yard.

Traci said...

I love the room! I'll keep my eyes open for the maple with c. stain. (Unfortunately, we're spending way too much time and money at Lowes lately.)

I can't wait to see Vanna and her side-kick, Baby Slowey, kicking up their heels on the elusive maple flooring soon.

Maybe this room can be your China packing staging area while you wait on the floor? Just a thought.

I'm looking forward to sharing a flight with you and your Muffin Man.