Tuesday, June 20, 2006

And Now?

Travel approvals came in yesterday for the people who got referrals late in May. Typically the CCAA web site updates very soon after travel approvals are announced updating everyone on the next batch of referrals. Unhuh...so where is my update telling me my baby is on the way?

No update. I thought I might see the update this morning after Ava's swim lessons (more on that later, the kid's a natural champ swimmer). Ahhh...I thought as I rushed home to read the CCAA web site. Now this whole shabang is going to get easier. I believed the rumor, hook line and sinker. This is the type of person I am. I usually believe people, which of course has led me to be emotionally burned a few times in this jolly process. I know better..I just can't seem to help myself.

I refuse to watch the stupid CCAA website. It sort of feels too much like my high school days watching the phone to see if cute boy next door would call. The phone never rings when you watch it, everyone knows that.

I'm going to do some breathing exercises walk several miles and then chase my daughter around the pool until it rains later today.

And while I'm gone, that web site better update. Watching the web site and phone doesn't work. Maybe threatening it will.


Stephanie V said...

I have checked the CCAA's site 12,658 times today and each time I am incredibly disappointed it hasn't changed. Occasionally it'll boot up slow and I'll think "AAAAAHHH-HHHAAAAAA" they're updating it, but then it pops up - unchanged and I'm bummed again.

If there's a cut off date, why aren't they updating it?!

Going crazy in Texas.

Traci said...

I'm inspired by your strength. I think I'll shut this computer down and do something constructive. I think I'll teach Valerie how to do her latch hook rug now. She'll like that. ~Traci

Kristin said...

yoga. and vodka. and maybe chocolate.

LOVE the new look and the new tag!

Colleen said...

I know I will be obsessing over that CCAA website when it is my turn. How you resist, I'll never know.