Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Stunning News From The 'Burbs

We arose to a clatter this morning. You'd have thought it might be Christmas the way my little kid bounded down the stairs after hearing the tree removal service truck roll up into the cul-de-sac. I suspect that the poor guys who were here to remove the trees in preparation for delayed adoption distraction 2006, I mean playroom addition, were not expecting to perform their duties under the watchful eye of my four year old.

Breakfast with the tree climbing dudes. She voted it was better than the Doodlebops...that's a compliment.

Yes, stunningly interesting right? What did you expect when you opened a blog with the title Stunning News From The Burbs?

Tie a yellow ribbon around an old Ash tree and pull that puppy down. Let in the light, the light in my kitchen to be exact. I am feeling a little tree killing guilt, ok not enough stop the carnage but perhaps in a few weeks our family can plant a few new saplings in strategically placed beds away from the house. I'm sure my very republican Main Muffin Man will be hopping on my Earth Day excursion wagon (complete with tie dye and peace signs) with Ava in tow to the local nursery while I say a silent healing prayer for what is now sawdust hoping to be mulch if it's lucky. Jury is out on that one.

In other suburban news tomorrow is the Bunny Buffet at preschool. What is a Bunny Buffet? I honestly have no idea, and I was fine with that. My kid on the other hand was all about the Bunny Buffet trying to explain that she gets to bring some food, put in on a table and all the other little preschool bunnies must try it. Great, I'm thinking perhaps I will send these when I get the notice in the backpack. Apparently the Lutherns once again had other plans.

As I was dropping Ava off at school yesterday her teacher starts apologizing about the short notice but here is my sheet explaining what I am being asked to bring to the Bunny Buffet. I look down. Ava's Mom: Eggs, Deviled. 2 dozen. I look at Ava's sweeter than pie teacher and grin sheepishly, you want ME to make deviled eggs? By Thursday?
She says, "Well, yes you can make them right? I mean you have made them in the past right? You do know what they are?"

I snap back, "Ugh, of course I know what they are. It's just what do you put in the middles after you boil them?" Embarassed, I catch myself. "Ugh, I'll go look it up at home."

I can be extremely inadequate in the domestic realm at times. Secretly, sometimes I sort of like the idea of rebelling just a tad when I feel myself sliding down the slippery slope to being just a little too June Cleaverish. See, if I suck at cooking and don't really give a rats ass about serving my child oranges and tricuits for lunch in my bed then surely that makes me a modern woman! (With a bed perpetually filled with crumbs...but that's another story.) Making deviled eggs for preschool bunny buffets was just not part of my master plan, when I decided to be the smartest woman, hottest wife and best mom evahh.

So, I know you're on the edge of that seat. Did she make the stupid eggs or what?

And it only took me 2 hours. I knew deviled eggs would be hard. Next year I call bringing the peeps.


Space Mom said...

For some reason, I was expecting a bunch of parrot heads dressed as rabbits for "Bunny Buffets"

I love how intent Ava is. Maybe she'll be a lumberjack!

Kristin said...

One of the KEY points in my life is back to school night... this is where we sign up for which parties we will help with and what we will bring... this year, I put myself down as "helper" for everything! HAHAHA!

Last year, I sent my husband and I ended up having to bring 40 undecorated theme shaped cookies to many an event...

M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

Dang, two hours?! No wonder no one in our generation makes those any more. I'd call the peeps too. Or drinks. Something you can just waltz into the store and BUY. Ahhhhh.

Colleen said...

Your eggs look beautiful. I'm sure the Bunnies will love them.

And I'm pretty sure that smart women who are modern in their care-free coolness make deviled eggs too!

Stephanie said...

The eggs look great, although I wonder how many pre-schoolers really appreciate the 2-hour effort it took to make them!

Susan said...

I agree with Stephanie. One more question to her many preschoolers eat them? Oh well, I think they look mah-velous and I'm sure they'll be delish, too. I sunk to an Easter low for me - I bought peeps today - for the first time in like 10 years. Little did I know I'd be reading about them on your blog. Great minds or just a peep-a-holic? Buy them by the case and send 'em on sister. The Gestapo will think twice about you after an afternoon with a bunch of preschoolers buzzing on the sugar high of a purple peep.

Stephanie V said...

Yes, yes the eggs - they are lovely BUT "The Supervisor" - now that's a beautiful sight! There will be no slacking on her watch.

Catherine said...

The eggs look great but I'm guessing the kids will cheer if you override the teach and send in Peeps!