Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Which color, which finish, which bevel edge?

I have been shopping for hardwoods for about 2 years now, starting the process and then weaseling out. Jump starting the process by interviewing contractors only to then stop the process when I couldn't make up my mind or the reality of paying for the whole deal come to fruition.

Speaking of which, I think we've decided to go the home equity line route. Here's the funny thing, $29.99 for a new door mat was freaking me out the other day. Taking a home equity line of credit for a 18' x20' room addition and new hardwood floors in my house is well, play money. Hell, its so much money that it just doesn't even seem real. Laaaa laaaa, laaa I can't hear you. Name those 0000s on the back of that number and what the heck we are playing monopoly right?

I have been to 3 showrooms in 3 days. My palms are sweating and my contractor is umm..a little dismayed that I want to buck the system by perhaps purchasing from the close out warehouse people. I reminded him that if his people can cough up $2.45 a sq. ft. for maple in my beloved cinnamon stain by all means we'd be happy to strike up a back yard bar-b-que with his folks.

Maybe I will turn it over to this little gal. Heck it looks like I'm going to let her name my next kid after all. What is a hardwood decision next to that whopper.

Yeah, she looks confident about Maple in the cinnamon stain. I'd trust that face.


Colleen said...

What's not to trust? It's the face of honesty and sheer delight. I'd go with whatever she picks!

Kristin said...

I feel your pain! After endless discussions about flooring Hugh and I FINALLY agreed on the luscious dark (almost black) walnut, only to be informed by our flooring guru that it is NOT a good floor for a family with kids and dogs as it shows every little scratch, nick and dog hair... AHHHH... send Ava over to my house and she can pick my floors as well!