Thursday, March 16, 2006

Is It Ground Hog Day?

Woke up this morning and realized it was large motor day. Ava's preschool calls a glorified 2 hours in the basement with mats and a balance beam large motor. As in you get to exercise your large motor muscles? Yes, you volunteer to "man" a station, which by the way should be called "mom" a station, since I have yet to see anyone else get suckered into "man"ning the large motor areas other than your basic garden variety pre-school mom.

I digress. After 15 minutes with Katie and Matt I realized I needed to beat foot it through the morning routine. I had to get Ava off to preschool 10 minutes early so I would have time to grab a LARGE cup of coffee and be the first mom in line to choose which large motor station I would supervise. This being my second time, I am no preschool volunteer virgin. Get there early or you'll get stuck bunny hopping for 2 1/2 solid hours. My bunny feet weren't feeling so lucky 1 day post the bunny hopping debacle of Feb. 2006. To make sure I got the good station I arrived bright and early complete with Type A smirk written all over my face. I decided not to take pity on the mom who arrived 10 minutes late complaining of neck pain, hey no pain no gain lady. Get here early if you want the obstacle course. (On a side note, I did offer my chiropractors number for those of you who think me truly evil.)

So we started chatting as preschool moms will do. Someone asks me about the adoption. I launch into my standard schpeel. We still don't know. We are hopeful that we will make this month's cutoff. Our paperwork has been in China since June 05. No that doesn't mean we will travel in a few weeks it just means we get to see a tiny picture of her and read a 1 page report. Yadda Yadda Yadda.

Then another lady comes and sits down beside us. She was there last month when I was bunny hopping and apparently telling the exact same story. She says, "So, have you made any progress since last month?" Well, technically no. I have to admit. "So, nothing is new." Well, no I say with a strained laugh. Suddenly the conversation is changed to a discussion involving where to buy carpet.

And that is why today seems like Ground Hog Day. More of the same. I am even beginning to bore myself with the same story. Me, bore myself with my own stories. It is practically unheard of. Until Ground Hog Day, that is.


Anonymous said...


Love reading, "we are hopeful" about referrals this month. Thanks for making my day - and no, I won't take this as a money back guarantee. Just one hopeful, waiting mom saying it is okay to HOPE.

Laughing as I read your discussion, as I had a similar one this morning with girlfriends over coffee - still no news. Sigh. One friend came right out and asked, "Is it okay if I keep asking you how things are going?" What a lovely question and choice.

Julie S.

Traci said...


The same ol' story is going to become much more interesting veeery soon. Keep on hoping, right along with Julie and I. Before long they won't have a story to match yours!


Kristin said...

Lordy, I remember this too well... I really felt like such a dope with my, "nope, not yet" answers all the time! Hopefully, though, your answer will change in the next few weeks!

Stephanie said...

I am hopefully going to be DTC soon, and already I am answering all the adoption questions with the standard "not much going on." The wait is just crazy.