Friday, March 03, 2006

Happy Ending or Tragic Visit To Hardware Store?

On the third hour of searching for my little metal tickets to freedom, my keys, I got a little flutter in my heart as I thought surely they would be here.

Do you see them? No me neither. I will admit to checking my watch to see if it was legal happy hour time. A St. Pauley Girl to calm my housebound nerves? Nah...where are those girl scout cookies? I have $18 worth of those butt expanders.

You see in my little corner of the world the child protective service folks frown on sharing St. Pauley Girls with your 4 year old. Or so I have heard. There is no law against downing a box of Samoas though now is there? I was practically inhaling these babies as I ran through the abode...searching, searching.

After my call to the Muffin Man in Atlanta, as if he could help me, I took his advice and checked the kitchen refridgerator. He has a little experience losing the peanut butter and windex here. Listen to the experts, I always say.

No keys, but I did think that I should probably relax since we have about 16 weeks and $100,000 worth of grocerys to tide us over for the remaining 26 hours until we got ahold of a car key if worse came to worse.

Doughnut, zero, nada, nilch, zippo. After seeing all that food I decided to take a dinner break. You know since the 28 Samoas did not seem to be doing the trick. During my dinner my dear brilliant daughter came up to me and said, "My heart breaks for you Mommy." (This is what I tell her when she is sick.) "Perhaps you should cast a spell and make me the magic fairy godmother so I can find your keys." Hey, I'm game for ANYTHING at this point. I cast a spell complete with hand motions and a rhyme. She took off flitting through the house trying to find my keys. I really thought, wouldn't it be a total gas if she found them after casting a magic spell? Unfortunately, after a few minutes she return to down her hot dog, sans keys. As a consolation prize she in turn cast a magic spell on me.

I got up from the table to put away a few barrettes she had on the counter. I walked up to her closet to put them away. I looked up and saw her tap dancing bag.

It hit me like a ton of bricks. Tap dancing, yesterday. And there they were, accidently dropped into the shoe while I put away her tap dancing bag.

Happy Ending! I almost drove around the block just because I could. But hey, Mary Poppins and my spell casting fairy awaited downstairs.


Traci said...

Cheering for you in Ohio!!!! (I wish I were so lucky. Instead, I have a husband with an aversion to letting me have car keys. Not to mention rent checks.)

Yea, fairy princess' and magic spells!!


Space Mom said...

Congrats. I have found my keys hiding in the most unlikely places after my little one steals them to teeth on! ICK

Pass those 2 remaining cookies my way!

Sheryl said...

We lose keys and remotes to the toy box weekly. I have a 2 yr old i take care of anything she finds she "puts away" in the toy box. BTW, why do you keep pancake syrup in the fridge???

Kristin said...

ok, those posts were too funny! i love the snacking-while-looking aspect!

we find a lot of stuff in the fridge, so you're not alone in that one...

Stephanie said...

Hmmmm, Samoas - now I'm hungry!

Lee-Anne said...

At least your not like me, blaming everyone in the house for stealing my keys...then I find them in some ridiculous spot where I last left them!!!
Glad you found them! What a relief, I bet!!!

Colleen said...

I am pretty darn impressed by the magic spells in your house, that's for sure!

I'm glad you're not trapped at home like a 16 year old!

Tracy said...

Ah-ha! I actually felt relief for you. I have been there sister, several times. I finally got a remote key finder to attach to my keys. Very cool if you don't lose the remote thingy that you use to page the keys. D'oh!