Thursday, March 23, 2006

Cause and Effect

I think it is because I posted this on my refridgerator...that I am now hearing all about how the CCAA in Beijing has worked a whole month to process 5 or perhaps a whopping 6 days of paperwork referrals. Since our paperwork is 22 days out from the last day processed it might mean I will have to once again return these...which will of course break my heart in two distinct places since they have little hats that match...

and trade them for something a little more wooly, as in if the
powers that be continue to process in 5 day increments that would push my girls out to being about 6 years apart in age rather than the planned upon 3 to 3 1/2 years apart. And certainly Muffin Man and I will be climbing the Great Wall in the deepest darkest days of winter rather than sunny spring. Which is all really weird because when we started this process in February 2005 we were planning on traveling with mittens and parkas.

Excuse me while I go eat this.

That took about 2 seconds and I am no closer to seeing one little adorable child that is destined to steal my car keys and go joy riding with some long haired disrespectful boyfriend in the distant future. Oh for the love of God, bring on my darling little heathen.

And, if no one is going to send me a referral in the next 3 months I need to know because I plan on spending some serious money that I don't have on a margharita swilling sunburn inducing week away from my home town!

I simply cannot take this "bun in the oven" is getting overdone feeling any longer.

Muffin Man just called from some up north state where he is busy selling studly tools to men who wear flannel and nylon baseball caps without breaking in the rims. I broke the 98% chance of no referral for us next week. You know what he said? "I wasn't expecting a baby next week." This is proof that men are indeed from venus, because even the barrista at Starbucks is expecting our referral next week. Now I have to go break the news to her too, fabulous!

By the way I'd also like to share that my next door neighbor has been able to produce no less than 6 kids in the time that I have been successful with 1 and the thought of 1. Those are wicked odds. Maybe I'll go buy a powerball ticket. After I take that stupid referral call guide off my refridgerator of course.


Our Journey to Jenna Maria said...

I'm hoping for your 05/31 prediction as I was devasted during the last round of referrals when ours got cut off by 6 days, I don't know what I'll do if it gets cut off by 1 day!!! I feel sorry for all the others who have later LIDs....I know how you feel...I've been there and it sucks! By the way, would you be able to share your referral call questions? I've never thought of making any up and I really should as I'll probably be a blubbering idiot and not be able to put two sentences together when the time comes.


Lisa~~ said...

At the rate referrals are coming, I still have months to get my questions printed off...shoot, if they only do 5 days at a time, by the time they get to my August LID, I'll be too old to raise a child.

Karen said...

My friends just came in to work today to and told me that she is expecting another Grandchild. At the rate of referrals the Oct LID that I have that child will be born before we get a referal.

My heart goes out to you with your date so close by. It must be shear torture. Thinking of you.

Kristin said...

We travelled in Dec. and it was really nice... I guess living in CA I was excited for the cold... pain in the ass packing coats though... we went from 30 degree weather in Beijing to 70 degree weather in Guangzhou, so there was a lot of clothing that needed to be brought...

Sorry for all of you and this delay... it just bites the big one.

Perrin said...

Anyone who wants the darned referral call sheet...of course I'd be happy to share. Email me (link is on the right on the sidebar) and I will respond back with the file that has the referral call info. Just don't put it on your fridge bad things could happen. :)

P.S. I ripped it off of a yahoo group, so I can't take credit for writing it.

Space Mom said...

Damn! I hope the referral gets here soon! I hate the waiting with you!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry the wait has been prolonged...Just know that when you DO finally get the referral it will be for the right baby waiting for YOU!

PS: Definitely take that week long vacation! You deserve it!

trk said...

I love the outfits. Do not take them back. If we are still waiting come winter, just add a long sleeve onsie, leggings, wool lined booties, and a matching sweater. Wha-Lah! And I doubt anyone would notice a small snow cap under the matching hat!

Colleen said...

I refuse to believe that we will all be traveling in winter. They cannot continue this slow and ridiculous pace. And if they do.....well, we'll all be rolling into China from all the anxiety eating we're doing.

I'll be too round to climb the wall.

Traci.....Pissed off Traci said...

Mostly I stopped cussing six years ago. Well, I'm back at it. I can't help it. I have been stringing words together today that would even shame a redneck. I'm not proud of it, but I am pissed!

I called Charlene and rambled. I didn't care that I was rambling. I haven't called that office and said much of anything in the past 14 months. I think I've paid enough money for them to listen to me go off. (Okay, so I didn't go off, but I rambled a lot.) I started the conversation with these words of advice to her, "Charlene, DO NOT pat me on the head. You'll be sorry if you do."

I'm with you friend. We'll get though this somehow. I don't know about you...but I plan on staying mad at the CCAA and the process ~ All DAMN day!


Stephanie V said...

I'm thinking a late June referral, what about you?

The Belanich's said...

I am right there with Tracy, too mad or upset to think straight.
Here's hoping you guys get a Easter Referral!

rubyiscoming said...

Joel and I are currently test-driving wheelchairs, since we'll apparently need them if (I did say IF instead of WHEN cuz I'm feeling rather cynical today) Miss Ruby EVER ARRIVES! You are W-A-Y ahead of us in this process (DTC 1/20/06 and LID 2/17/06) and I realize I'm supposed to still be positive and bubbly, but some days I just feel completely bummed. Sigh. Can you share your potato chips?