Monday, March 20, 2006

Adopt One, Get More...A Lot More

When we started down the adoption path for the first time over 5 years ago I simply had no idea the amazing love and generosity we would encounter from others walking the same path. I suspected that our first adoption would work out just fine, even though all told it took 19 months the first time. I never really doubted our ability to love a child who did not share our DNA. I suppose this stems from my firm belief that children simply come through us, they are not really our children when we as human beings give birth to them. I've always felt that females have this gift to act as a vehicle for other human beings to enter our realm of the universe. I'm still not exactly sure why I personally wasn't granted this gift. But today it is what it is. My children are destined to come through another woman. I wonder sometimes if this is what helps to fuel a desire of many families in the adoptive community to connect? Something beyond blood, some other mysterious pull.

What I did not know over 5 years ago was that when you adopt through the International China program you have a whole loving and supportive network who seems ready and willing to bring you into the fold. Families that have nothing in common before Chinese adoption can quickly become fast and furious friends. I suppose it might be the same with other domestic and international programs as well, but I only have experience with China adoption. When this happened with a few of the families we adopted with the first time I came back to the States feeling like we had hit the friend jackpot. Families who are kind and open and live 5 minutes away. This new network of friends was invaluable to me as I "changed careers" from a business consultant to offering my consulting skills to only 1 little 8 month old kid full time.

It now appears that it is happening again. More incredible relationships blooming with families just because we are adopting again and have similar "due" dates. "Come to dinner, share a meal...don't stay in a hotel, share our home". This is what we heard this weekend. I for one am humbled by the generosity and willingness to share that our little unknown Chinese goodwill ambassadors seem to be creating from afar.

A special thank you to family S. We are glad to be in your presence and hope to be life long friends...oh yeah, and the big country breakfast rocked!


M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

Couldn't agree more. I am thankful every day for the awesome people I've met through this adoption process. Who knew?!

Kristin said...

So true... we have met some lifelong friends though this process... I miss our travel group all the time!

Traci said...

I can't tell you how much we enjoyed you being here. It was great sharing our space with you....and the conversation was great too!

Maybe I shouldn't mention the two grumpy kids that were left in your quake?! 7-8 hours of sleep is really not enough, is it? How was sweet Ava on the way home? I hope she slept.