Friday, April 07, 2006


It's Spring Break time over here at Twoladybugs. Wouldn't I just love to tell you that we are basking in the glorious sun of Cabo San Lucas, or the sandy beaches of Emerald Isle, NC, or St. Thomas USVI? Instead we are bidding everyone a big hello from the rather chilly sometimes gray skied Motown. Yes, Southeastern Michigan...Detroit folks.For all that Detroit lacks in the sun, sand and beach department it gains in the Grandpa Grandma department. And when you are 4 it is all about who is willing to succumb to preschool charming pleas of "play with me Grandpa, I spy with my little eye something gold." My poor father has certainly earned his racing stripes with most hours played with wickedly cunning and cute pleas for 24 x 7 attention.

So that is what my Ava has been up to. Me? I thought I'd be keeping up in blogland and yahoo group rumorville for impending adoption of Ava's sweet tempered mei mei. (See, I am sort of counting on a laid back sweet huggy bear baby...stay tuned for a reality check.) Alas, best laid plans have been Grandma had to use HER computer for the better part of the week for HER business venture. Oh, the nerve leaving me unnplugged. So I admit the first two days feeling a little twitchy at 3pm in the afternoons not being able to get my internet fix. I contemplated starting a consulting firm for adoptive parents addicted to blogging and those ridiculous but candy to the diabetic yahoo groups in my spare time.

Then, a strange thing happened. I went with my brother, dad, and daughter to the park. And to the fancy schmancy mall. I watched ladies in crocodile 4 inch heels wabble around that hoity toity mall, now that's entertainment. I witnessed my always in control but newly retired father spontaneously purchase a pair of Keen walking shoes just for fun! He told my brother and I a few times that he had not planned on buying shoes that day, ahhh a stretch of the human spirit. I ate at a new Italian bistro for lunch. We visited a children's museum in Ann Arbor. I focused on all the children my child was making friends with at the park. I studied the children playing before me. I saw my child completely outsmart a child 2 years her senior at a game of tag by using her mind rather than her much shorter legs to outrun the competition.

Why am I mentioning all the mundane things we experienced on spring break? Because they were unplugged...and simple, and filled with how life is at this moment. Pure unadulterated life in the NOW. In my unplugged status, I've been happy. And can I tell you I haven't even had a Matt and Katie Couric fix with coffee and hazelnut creamer in almost 1 week? It's serious justification for time with the internets this coming week.


Traci said...


I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed your unplugged status. I wish someone would rip this computer right out of my house. I would almost pay them to take it! I find myself whealing and dealing with MYSELF in the morning. It goes something like this, "Okay Traci. Here are the rules: One load of laundry done, the other one started, dishwasher unloaded, breakfast dishes done and counters wiped off. Then and only then can you 'peak' at your computer." I usually fail miserably at my quest to put the computer off for as long as possible. I feel drawn to it like a drug! It's scarey!

Good grief, I'm pathetic!!!!

Take the *$%# computer out of my house! I seriously need a 12 step program!


Stephanie said...

Wow, sounds like you guys had a great time. It is always nice to spend time with the parents.

Kristin said...

Living in the "now" is my constant mantra...

ciodude said...

Unplugged is a good thing. Every year WIFE and I look forward to about a month of time up in a little cabin on an island in the 1,000 Islands. There is no computer, no video games. It has no TV and in the 10 years I have been going up, the radio was out all of one time I think.

My in-laws spend most of the summer there. I don't spend all month there (I can't afford that much time off) but WIFE and the kids so. The kids make their own fun, they read books, they explore the island, they swim in the river and generally play with each other. Two years ago DAUGHTER 1 asked one time about TV and watching a video.

Back to basics is a wonderful thing.

Lee-Anne said...

Sounds great! Nothing like a trip to the Mall and the park to put things in perspective!!!

Happy Easter Perrin!