Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Walls, What Amazon Thinks I Should Read, and Flamingos

Today's update in the ever inspiring saga that is our lives contains a lively melange of goodies.

First, The Wall. No Pink Floyd did not miraculously visit the cul-de-sac. No eyebrows were inadvertently shaved. Thank goodness, especially after the scissors meet the pigtail debacle of January 2006. One pigtail is all this momma could honestly sacrifice this quarter.

Look, walls. Real walls. Or the beginnings of walls anyway. I pulled out a tape measure and started planning where furniture will go. But since the budget is a little tight...and we will be robbing Peter to pay Paul in the furnish the new play room department I had to put away the tape measure. Nonetheless, I am not discouraged. Quite the contrary really. Real walls people!

Second, What Amazon Thinks I Should Read. I got this in my email box today from the wise old sages at Amazon.com.

Store-Bought BabySandra Belton

You Save:

Release Date: (May 9, 2006)

Yes, apparently they think that based on my previous buying experience I would appreciate having a book called Store Bought Baby in my personal library. Again with the irony. I think that I will simply make a conscious choice to let this one go and not send hate mail to Amazon flunkies. Although, then again if I were in the right mood this could be highly entertaining for me for at least 30 minutes.

Third. Flamingos. I am obsessed with them. I saw them at the zoo last week and found some material in hot pink and black and haven't been able to stop myself for sewing them up. Here are the first two of 5 handbags. I swear I am not usually terribly preppy or girlie girl ( I own an embarassing number of Birkenstocks) but when you find a flamingo that agrees with you...you gotta go with the flow.

Aren't they the bees knees?

And finally...Ava Jing is completely and utterly bored with all the excitement that surrounds our little corner of the world. She is not embarassed to show it either.

Now, how's that for a "cutest kid in the world shot" for a peace out?

I know that I am not exactly fairly and equitably unbaised...but that's a cute kid. Come on.


Lisa~~ said...

I love home improvements and adding a room is the best! Can't wait to see the finished addition. The flamingo bags are adorable, but not nearly as cute as the Ava picture!

Traci S. said...

No question about it.......that IS a cute kid!!


Joannah said...

She is so cute! I love the purses you make. I admire anyone with crafty talents as I have none!

Kristin said...

What a great photo... she looks like a little angel! BTW, jealous of how fast your addition is coming together.

Lee-Anne said...

To sum up the whole post
"Gotta Have one" (of everything please!!!)

Although, we have just finished our own home extension - and now the house takes me twice as long to clean!!!

M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

Oh the flamingo bags are awesome!!!! Love the colors and the style.

Michelle said...

I agree. Definitely a cute kid! :) And I love the flamingo bags!

Ford & Alyson said...

Great photos! Love the flamingo purses, the adorable cutie pie and the new house addition. How do you get so much done?