Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday Goods

There is not one thing happening on the adoption front. Unless you count this impulse purchase at Target. Actually, it wasn't exactly that. Mine are better. They are green with a red lady bug on each foot. Just couldn't find the picture on the target online site...but you get the drift.

So, what's a girl to do?

1. Shamelessly watch a bunch of workmen in my backyard from a cushy chair sipping lemonade. I had that oh wow, this is truly obnoxious watching them work their little buns off laying my new stamped concrete patio while I sit on my ass too lazy to even push my daughter in the swing.* So, I remedied that situation by offering them some lemonade and chips. (Previously snacked upon bag of chips but it was the thought that counts right?)

2. Dye Easter eggs with my babe. 2a. Read preschool handout about families who do not explain the true meaning of Easter to their children choosing instead to focus on the secular Easter Bunny and accompanying Easter mania that involves fun basket of goodies. ( I suppose that you might be able to guess their opinion of these heathen folks.) 2b. Throw away handout and head out towards Target for super fun albeit secular Easter basket stuff!

3. Let creative juices flow and sit down at sewing machine to create these fun handbags. I don't even know exactly what I am going to do with them yet. But a 50% off sale at the fabric store is nothing to sneeze off. I have fabulous pink flamingo fabric complete with obnoxiously cute pink trim for next week. More pictures to come.

Peace in the season folks....
Signing off...I have about 600 jelly beans to eat.

*Not a picture of my backyard but the concrete patio is very similar to our new area. Actual photos to follow next week.


Gracencameronsmomy said...

Ooohh, sell them, sell them! I'd buy one!

Colleen said...

What? You mean you just sit down at the machine and these bags get made? Wow! I'm impressed.

Happy Easter. Hope the bunny brings lots of chocolates your way.

Stephanie V said...

Those are beautiful! You've got skillz.