Monday, February 27, 2006

The Happiest Place On Earth

We are back from Disney 2006. Practically kicking and screaming but we are back. (That was me kicking by the way.) Boy oh boy, did I ever really want to stay and hang out with my dude just a little longer. And let me add that I am a self professed sit at the shore with a good book, a margherita, and some shrimp at the hut type of gal. Let's be honest, Disney is the death of spontaneity, welcoming all type A's at turnstile 8C. And yet, it is amazingly easy to get swept up when every time you buy a coffee someone says "Have A Magical Day!".

My gal was pretty darn happy once she realized she was visiting Jasmine, Belle, Ariel, Lilo and Stitch, and Pooh and Friends. Of course the unlimited lemonade, chicken strips, and mac and cheese were euphoria inducing. Gramma and Grampa were on hand to heap on loads and loads of undivided attention. There you have it...pint sized nirvana. Endorphin rush 14 out of every 15 hours.

Bring on the characters. Ava was somewhat obsessed with character greetings. We waited in no less than 72 lines for a fur hug.

Mickey's Philharmagic? Yeah, give me my glasses.

Goofy talks a little if you get too close.

What could possibly so interesting?

Dancing princesses of course.

Notice the rain gear in the crowd? 55 degrees and breezy in Orlando on Sunday. Aha, but it kept the masses away. We practically had Fantasyland to ourselves for the first hour and a half. Ava's Grandma was slugging her 3rd hot decaf to stay warm while Grampa, Daddy and I were frolicking through the Teacups, Pooh's ride, Dumbo, Small World, Peter Pan, and Space Mountain in a record 45 minutes! Take that Disney crowds!

I thought I might leap into the pig's arms myself. But then thought better of it when I realized it would cut into my dessert time bellied up to the buffet. At last count it was 6 desserts that I sampled. Ok, a little more than sampled. I guess I'd have to call Disney 2006 a rousing success for our family.

Have a magical day!

(Someone will have to say that to me tomorrow or I will die from withdrawal.)


Kristin said...

Hey Perrin-

Have a Magical Day!

Photos are great... looks like a good time was had by all!

Colleen said...

Loving the photos! Disney is so much more fun with a child in tow! (And not just the person you bring with you that acts like a child!)

I hope to have a magical day so have one yourself.

Old Lush said...

I love Disney..I can't wait to go again.

M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

Sounds like you had an awesome trip! So glad!

And have a magical week. :-)