Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Lazy Mommy and Toys for Lunch

Today as quite possibly the laziest mommy in the world I opted for the drive through at lunch. It is a nasty secret habit that I cannot believe I am publically admitting. Yes, we did it even after I read the 5 part story on childhood obesity and diseases in the paper last week. It was a drive thru we don't frequent. So, I sort of messed up the order and we ended up with a covered platter of chicken and mashed potatoes and cole slaw. I did not even know you could still get stuff like that in a drive thru situation.

How is a four year old supposed to eat cole slaw in a car seat? Did I mention that we got no utensils either? Of course we were already on the busy road and couldn't go through the line again.

Ava raised one eyebrow at me and said, "You know, at Old MacDonald's they give kids like me toys in their lunch."

Sorry kid, you are not in Kansas anymore. Eat the mashed potato flakes with a finger.

I will of course be accepting nominations for Mother Of The Year in March.

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