Monday, February 13, 2006

Curious about George

We were curious about George. So much so that we went to see him at the theater this afternoon. After scarfing down a large popcorn, slurping excessive amounts of diet coke and rescuing Ava about 20 times from the dreaded folding chair that kept trying to swallow her little legs...we both left competely satisfied.

I had to laugh, yes out loud, at the part where Ted follows George to the Zoo entrance. He can't see George but thinks to himself, oh no we are in for trouble this time. Then he stops himself and rationalizes, hey, George is a monkey and this is the zoo, there must be lots of monkeys here. How much trouble could there possibly be?

Then a lady screams in the background. Ted immediately moves into action and thinks Oh, that's where George is.

I know how you feel Ted. Your prodigy is out of sight for one second and headed for antics filled with trouble. Just when you think you are overeacting...dum dum dum...someone screams and your little one is at the top of the heap!

Kudos to George for reminding us that it is the adventure that matters when you are working with little monkeys.


Colleen said...

So is this a thumbs up that we should see it? Hey, face it, I'm just going for the popcorn.

Perrin said...

Yes, a rousing thumbs up. I thought it was adorable. I am now an official George fan! His little pudgy face is the cutest.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the movie review. I think my daughter (who is almost 4 years old) would really enjoy it. We will have to take a trip to the theater!