Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Kid Who Looks Like Me

I volunteered at preschool this week. Got competely suckered into teaching 100 kids how to bunny hop on all fours. In groups of 4 or 5 no less, so repeated bunny hopping demonstrations were needed. I may have a sore bunny butt tomorrow.

As always, the highlights or lowdown in the trenches moments comes when speaking with the other parents in this little subculture of stay at home mom'ville. There were three of us mommys there to volunteer our prowess at bunny hopping and bowling in the basement recreation room. One of the mothers has three children under the age of 3 1/2. And she is volunteering to teach ladder climbing to other people's 3 year olds? Whew, super saint or super martyr. Vote is still out. The other mom, well just nice. Didn't have too much time to size her up since they had me bunny hopping so quickly.

Super saint's child came bounding down the staircase leaping into her arms. She gives him a big hug and then starts laughing. "He is the shrunken dryer version of my husband, looks nothing like me.", she says. I am not sure why she thought to comment on that...but whatever my thighs were starting to burn and I needed a coffee refresher. Plain nice mom says, "Yeah, people always comment on how my little Quinn looks like me." (And he did too.) Of course, I am still keeping mum at this point. Then, what the hell...I say, "Oh, it just doesn't matter what the kids look like right?" Hoping to tactfully direct the topic of conversation back to bunny hopping and bowling. ( I wanted to casually hint that we alternate stations, being the newbie I quickly got the short straw...bunny hopping. If I played my cards right perhaps I could maneuver my way into the bowling station.)

Then plain nice mom looks me in the eye and says, "Oh yes, but your child really does look like you. I see you walking her to school all the time and I have often thought how much you look alike."

Ok, that's a new one for me. Do we look alike in the same way that couples who have been married for eons look alike? Do we look alike the way some dogs look like their owners? Or perhaps the way teenage friends who walk the malls look alike?

She said it with a straight face and seemed quite I guess I will have to take it at face value. pun intended.


Johnny said...

Could be that funky feng shui they supposedly do in matching your passport (!!) photos to the babies.

But, I know our kid looks better than either of us on our best days. So that blows that theory!

Traci said...

She looks like you as in, "I've seen you together so often that you just look like you belong together." Maybe? Who knows. I have to admit that I'm one of those people that find myself saying the most ridiculous things!

I hope I learn to shut my mouth before I die!

Your daughter is beautiful and so are you. You don't look like each other, but your both sweet and beautiful!