Monday, February 06, 2006

Weekend Was A Blur And I Have The Photos To Prove It

We have successfully milked Chinese New Year for all it is worth. This weekend marked our second weekend of festivities. The big FCC event took place at the Children's Museum without a hitch. Nothing like throwing a party for your 400 'closest friends' for an extra little bit of fun and frolic. This picture sort of sums up the evening for me. A blur.

Now I would love to be able to tell you that I have used my photo editing software to blur the faces of the children attending the event's large photoshoot. In the interest of protecting their little souls from all the weirdos out there in the world of course. But, no. Most of my photos from the event are blurry because I have yet to take the time to learn how to use my fancy new camera!

Here we are looking at....

Roll down a bit.

In my defense with the camera situation, Muffin Man hasn't figured the fancy gadget out either. See Ava, she is pretty blurry too. The ironic thing is we upgraded cameras to help out with this situation. Now the damn thing is so fancy and apparently temperamental that I am going to have to obtain a master's degree in something to operate it without blurring every picture.

Oooh, Gong Fu Fan dancing. We were looking at Gong Fu Fan. Very graceful. Amazing. I hope my girls will someday dance like this. I hope grace and timing is genetic, it is a last hold out wish that they will inherit the talent for such aesthetic arts.

Here is the big lion. Great crowd pleaser. At one point he tried to swallow Ava's head. She thought that was hilarious. The little girl beside her was mortified. Screaming ensued.
A good time was had by all.
It is now my year of the dog resolution to figure out how to master the camera so that our pictures of China in a few months are well umm..less blurry.


Colleen said...

Blurry and all, I feel like I experienced CNY through you! Thanks.

Susan said...

We're a recently upgraded to a fancy fandangled camera family, too. I was too stupid to figure out the old one so I upgraded to a fancier one with more options...really smart of me. Really. We've got 9 days to figure ours out.

Hope you had a great time.