Sunday, July 15, 2007

Goodbye Long Hot Shower

Goodbye Pack and Play. For you were my dear friend as she would sit content among a zoo full of stuffed animals for as long as my skin could take my beloved hot shower each and every OTHER day. Let us not forget that this stay at home mom sometimes opts out of the need for extreme cleanliness on a daily basis. It is a perk to be weighed carefully when considering a paying job as opposed to the non-paying hardest job you'll ever love. Stinkiness has its moments.

And yet, knowing that the option for full bodied cleanliness while the toddler whom shall now be referred to as climbing Spidy in homage to the great Spiderman himself was safe and sound and contained in her little baby jail called the Pack and Play.

She has sprung herself 2 times in 2 days. There is no more denial, she is more than fully mobile. She is able to leap tall buildings and scale wainscotting in a single bound. The Muffin Man timed the most recent death defying act and proclaimed her up and over the edge in 10 seconds flat without a plastic toy to stand upon.

I may not shower again until she can cognitively understand the full ramifications of "time out missy" if you don't stay out of the toxic cleanser while mommy has 6 minutes of naked alone time in the master bath. It could get ugly or stinky or both.

Now someone please wrap up some web shooters that she can attach to her wrists to hoist herself onto the roof to clean some gutters. She might as well being pulling her weight around her if she is going to try one death defying act after another.

I'm forever trying to teach these children to use their powers for good.


Beverly said...

Oh the sacrifices mom's must make for the sake of the kids. Sorry to hear about the climber. Sucks for now.


jaj said...

Yikes! I dread the day that Thumbelina outgrows her playpen. This morning she was up at the crack of 4:21 and would not go back to sleep, so off she went into the plapen with Steve & Blue as her babysitters. Being the 4th child, she's stuck with all the old videos.

B-squared said...

Oh my! I'm going to have to keep Liv and K apart for a while. K is close to getting out of hers, but (knock on wood) not quite made it yet.
If I see a grown woman under the sprinklers at West Park, I'll know who it is! ;-)

Heather Ann said...

See through shower curtain...nothing in the bathroom except toilet paper and the toilet and the soap 'way back on the counter....or you could put her in her stroller in the bathroom all tied in - again with the see-through shower curtain. Whaddya think? I don't mind the stinky so much but I can't think when I am greasy, so I have always had to find a way to have the shower.

nancyed2003 said...

Would she get in the shower with you? I know it is not the the most optimum solution, but it sure beats stinkiness!! I liked the idea of putting her in the stroller with you in the bathroom. Would big sister be willing to watch her? Or is that just an accident waiting to happen? I am lucky, my son is 12 and is able to entertain her while I shower, or I take her in with me. Good luck!

OziMum said...

Ahhh, a chick after Harry's own heart! Yep, Harry's a climber from way back. I've had one climber, and one that didn't even stand on a chair... the latter was ALOT easier!!!

Re: cleanliness... I've resorted to preening myself at night. I have more time to straighten my hair, and I'm nice and fresh for bed (*insert wolf whistle!*)

Anonymous said...

De-lurking here...putting away the playpen brought back some good memories of when my mother would set me and my younger brother in it so she could shower. When we figured out how to climb out, she turned it over and trapped us in like a cage, which we though was pretty cool, although now I'm starting to think might have something to do with my therapy bills...
Love the blog!