Thursday, July 19, 2007

Middle of Summer

I love summer. I love the pool. I love sleeping in, which I get to do regularly now since Olivia is a champion sleeper, and yes I do appreciate the cosmic twist of events that somehow gave me a good sleeping toddler after Miss Sleep is For Weenies almost killed me in 2003-2004 and 1/2.

But summer can also be a bit of a challenge when you are home with two small children for 1000 hours a day...alone...for days and days and days on end. (So, how many hours of television will it take to rot a 5 year old's brain?) Oh, the guilt of seismic proportions.

Just when I think I can't take on more minute with the 5 year old who needs to know what a blade is, this very INSTANT and the spider"esque" toddler who is literally climbing the walls I realize I only have 4 more weeks of summer before Ava goes to school. Real school, as in takes the bus and all. Then I am weepy and nostalgic for the biting, non-sleeping, counting to 50 in Mandarin 3 year old. Two seconds later I am secretly happy dancing yearning for time alone in the house and what a relief that will be. I am pining for Tuesday mornings when BOTH kidlets will be in school.

Then I am guilt ridden again for thinking such un-June Cleaverish thoughts. Skip forward another 6 seconds I'm thinking screw June Cleaver, she wasn't real, this real momma needs a pedicure and 4 hours alone.

Summer, it's an un-complicated way.


OziMum said...

Well... both my kidlets are in school, this year... AND I'M LOVIN IT!!! Although hubs decided that meant I could do more work for him, which sucks, but I get 2 days a week... ALL TO MYSELF! Pure bliss I tell ya!

Anonymous said...

I, myself, believe that there should be a martini bar set up for the parents in the school parking lot on the first day of know..."here's your teacher, darling...mommy's thirsty after this long and busy summer."

Patti in Florida

Erin said...

Hi! I think this may be my first comment here, but I just loved this post. I have had these same thoughts myself, just about everyday this summer. I'm so looking forward to the coming days when my three older ones are in school and the baby, just home from China in June, will be napping the afternoon away. Oh, the precious 2 (maybe 3 if I'm lucky) hours I may have to myself. I can hardly wait. But then why do I feel so guilty???