Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Two Ladies One Pink Shorty Outfit

Ava on bottom ...Liv on top. Both 19 months both in one pink shortall outfit. Matching hairdo, can't resist those toddler piggies.

I think that I have mentioned in previous posts that I can at times be woefully sentimental about the littlest thing. But other times I am disturbingly callous...take for example wanting to chuck most preschool art. This is rather strange for someone who loves artsy things and who spends a huge amount of time consumed with creating arty stuff. I suppose my sentimental thoughts happen most often in reference to things pertaining to the girls.

I am not a pack rat, I don't save a lot of things. I do however hoard Ava's old clothes for Livi. For obvious reason I suppose, hand-me-downs do help the family budget. Although I think I also keep them to try to keep memories alive of years gone by with Ava. Sometimes I wonder if my memories match what was true reality in the early years of parenting the first toddler.

My friend J and her hubby C got their referral for baby Cate this week. When I opened my email I swooned for this baby. I was immediately transported back to August of 2002 and August of 2006 when were were preparing to hop that China bound plane to meet each girl. I casually tossed adult clothes in the suitcase but obsessed about baby outfits . I needed to make sure each choice was softer than the next. Receiving blankets were washed and re-washed in Dreft.

Oh, I do hope J and her mother have a wonderful trip meeting Cate. I hope she enjoys packing her hand-me-downs.

As for me, I only have to wait another 2 months before crawling up into the attic to get Ava's old size 2 fall togs for Liv.


OziMum said...

You can't help good taste? Pink shortalls never go out of fashion, so why not keep em?!!

Congrat's to your friends and Cate!

M3 said...

Sweet pics. And nothing wrong with packratting the sentimental stuff, right? I find that I can't get rid of "their first Keds, their first jeans, their first sweatshirts, their first..." Good god I've filled a huge bin already and we've only been home since November.

Jeni said...

J can assure you the minute I got that referral call, I ran home and looked to see what hand-me-downs I still had that would be 'in season.' Then I went shopping! Thanks for the link and good wishes!