Monday, July 02, 2007

A Nice Niecely Visit

Where have I been? Out at the mall people, too busy to sit and blog. Really, I've been to three malls in the last week. I don't think I've seen three malls in three years. I am the proud owner of some new NARS blush, Victoria's secret lip gloss with metallic hint, and some bras. And, no I will not post a picture of the lovely Victoria's Secret semi-annual sale...because let's be honest, I'm a little too old to be carousing at malls and way to old to have people interested in purchases I made at Victoria's secret.

Why all the mall crawling? A visit from the lovely C. She's our niece. And oh my is she the sweetest thing to hit my state. She is all that is so wonderful about 15 years of age. All the good memories about 15, with none of the teenage angst.

In addition to lots of malls we also visited a dairy farm. C had never visited a farm or seen real cows, never mind seeing real cows being milked. Talk about wide eyed wonder.

Here is C with Livi Xi in the milking barn. Oh yes, a picture of country gals yes? I think Livi is thinking there better be organic ice cream at the end of this tour or else!

The next picture is Ava with her gal pal cronies. She's been playing with most of them since she was 8 months old in China. Of course leave it to Ava and LBF (little best friend) to worm their way down the corridor and into where the employees were hooking up the cows for milking time. They got the worms eye view of the activity and had to stay extra innings at the milking event due to the fact that they got penned in and the cows were in their path to get out. Only my child would inadvertently arrange this setup. And yes LBF and Ava had the audacity to start complaining about the smell of the cows when they got stuck. Nice.

Who in their right mind would go to an organic dairy farm without helping themselves to large scoops of ice cream on the way out? Not us. Livi got strawberry, I got blackberry. Strawberry was better so I "traded" her. I know I know I'll be chatting with someone in hell regarding that move.

Seriously, she appeared not to mind blackberry.

And now the house is quiet. As quiet as a house can be with a 5 year old and a 19 month old. No more 15 year old. Oh I'm sad, very sad. Who will be hanging around to tell me what shade of lip gloss goes with swim lessons at 9am tomorrow?

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Traci said...

She must be a niece from your side of the family.....gorgeous....just like her Auntie!