Sunday, July 08, 2007

7 +7+07=38

In this house that is how the math adds up. Yesterday I flipped the switch over to late 30's. Not mid-to-late but rather, late 30's. And, yes it happened on the auspicious date of 7/7/07. I was born on 7/7/69...the summer of love. Excellent. I was a summer birthday receiving a bathing suit every year type of gal.

My parents came all the way from up north to visit and it was non stop fun for me. First after waking up at 8:30 which is serious sleep in time for moi since the 'rents were up and adam on kidlet duty, I received an ipod shuffle from the Muffin Man. He rocks, it's pink. How cool is that? Holy cow, an ipod shuffle. What should I upload? Really any suggestions? I'm not a country music fan but like a mix of decades. Black Eyed Peas, Neil Diamond, Ottmar Leibert, and Madonna will probably make the short list so far. Ok, maybe not Neil Diamond but doesn't that Comin' To America make you well up if you have internationally adopted kids? I didn't exactly hang with the coolest kids at Strath Haven High if you haven't already figured that out. But then again I'm in my late 30's now and truly don't give a rat's ass what most people think of me nowadays. A wonderful perk of getting older. The crow's feet I can do WITHOUT.

Then my mother and her very green thumb took me to two nurseries where we scouted out every last $.50 Coleius plant in about 60 different hybrid forms. Yeehah. Love that purple and green one. My mother can go through a nursery and name about 60,000 different species of plants. She can put that damn Martha to shame. She's like the Rain Man when she gets going. I haven't a clue how one person could be that smart to remember all those plants. When we go up north in August I will treat you to a picture of her flower gardens. It will be worth the wait , trust me.

Next, it was off to Rock the District in my little town. Which means sidewalk sales and B rated live music. The whole clan marched off to scour the closed off streets for free lemonade, popcorn and 5 minute neck massages.

The very best part of the 7/7/07 day was that the coolest of coolest interior design firms was selling loads of material at bottom basement prices. Of course my mother and I were all over the $1.00 a yard trims on plastic tubs on the street corner. After striking up a conversation with the gals working the sale and busily tallying up my purchases they brought the owner out to talk to me when I said I sewed creatively. Get this...after talking to the owner I am now on a list to be called when they need special draperies and pillows for clients. Ok, probably because I said I'd make their pillows for WAY less than the person before me but who cares? They also said they would consider taking some of my handbags for consignment sale. They invited me to make up some of my bags, take them to the shop for the owner to peruse, and then whamo I might get to leave them there for ladies who lunch and have nannies to purchase at overblown prices. Can you say RALLY, ROUND 'EM UP COWBOY?

I took my kidlets, the Muffin Man, my 'rents and skipped all the way back to the car.

Then I ate a burrito for dinner.

Good Times. Welcome to late late 30's summer of love baby girl.


B-squared said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had an awesome day. Hope you get to celebrate all week.
Another Summer of '69 Girl

Robin said...

Happy belated birthday! 38 isn't so bad.. wait until you've passed the BIG 40.. jk. It's not all that bad either.

OziMum said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like a fantastic day! Love the bit about making money from your sewing!!!

Stephanie said...

Hey, I think Neil Diamond should definitely get a place on your new i-pod, along with some Billy Joel maybe?

jaj said...

Happy Birthday! I'm not too far behind you.

Really cool about your bags, too!

Adele said...

I had the 60th on 7/7- the year of the pig!


Stephanie V said...

Happy Birthday Perrin, welcome to the late 30's.

We're a fun group who worries about eating enough fiber and getting enough sleep, which we never do because you know? Toddlers conspire against us. If I may, I'd like to recommend the occasional glass of wine and perhaps a good multivitamin.

Ani said...

Happy birthday! sounds like you had a great day.
My I-pod holds an interesting collection of music from Old McDonald to Foo Fighters... guess which playlist gets played most often???

nikki said...

Glad your birthday was so happy!

Good luck with your new business venture...sounds exciting!

Beverly said...

Happy belated birthday.


Colleen said...

Happy "Lucky" Birthday! Summer of '69 girls rock. Maybe you should add that song to your ipod. I hit 38 in June and get this......I got a pink ipod from my husband. Great minds.

Who made my list? Well all my fave 80's songs of course.