Sunday, September 03, 2006

Today is Not Pretty so Pictures From Yesterday

I don't know what made me think that if everyone else in the room was sick I would miraculously escape the wrath. I'll spare you the details but thank goodness the guys were willing to take both girls this morning. I've already slept from 10am to 1pm and am just starting to be able to see straight. The good news is that the guys have recovered and Ava is doing better with her bronchitis. Did you know that the White Swan provides breathing treatments? Ava is now a regular. She now anticipates the Chinese medical staff and people on the streets asking if she is from Hunan and matter of factly states "Yes, I am a spicy girl while rolling her eyes." So much for Chinese reverence for elders. Someone forgot to send her the memo. I suppose I am just destined to see the inside of medical clinics while traveling in China. Grrr....

This picture is a little light but it does show us all at the Guangzhou Museum that features the 2000 year old tomb. Our guide told us that this tomb and one other in Hunan are the only tourable tombs like this in China. As luck would have it we got to see the lovely 2000 year old gal in Changsha last time, compete with 2000 year old hair and organs in a bottle. Yummy. Now that's a good time, dried up guts.

I think that we will forever call this picture a girl and her pearls. What a story this will be when Ava graduates from University and receives the pearls that she picked out in China at 4 years old. She was very clear that white was better than black. Pink, wouldn't do either. Her taste is classic at heart I guess. I've never seen so many South China Sea pearls and black beauties from Tahiti in wholesale atmosphere. They string them there after you select your fancy. They double knot each pearl with strong silk. Ava and I simply walked from each bunch (they are bunched like bananas) and lovingly touched each and every string. Holly Golightly would have been jealous.

Olivia has finally settled down for an afternoon nap and the guys are headed off the the pool. The room smells like french fries and ketchup and baby poop. Unfortunately housekeeping has already been here. I am going to go rub a little lavendar lotion under my nose and take another nap. Until later.


Johnny said...

How's your Dad experiencing this trip? Just same-old same-old or Holy Cow!

melissa said...

The woman in the background of the pearl store looks like she is ready to stuff her purse full of pearls !!!

It looks like Ava just adores Olivia.

congrats on the addition to your family.

Space Mom said...

Wow, I hope you are feeling better!

I love the idea of pearls! That's so cool!