Saturday, September 02, 2006

Day 6 Guangzhou

I feel a little like I did when I was in Vegas last summer, ungodly hot outside so the fabulous hotel is just that...fabulous, but then after a few days it is Ground Hog Day and each day spills over to the next without any special marking. The hotel is like being in an underground city in close encounters of the third kind. You have to do a city tour or something just to keep yourself from staring at your fingers while counting to 500 and drooling at the same time. I am a little worried Nurse Ratched might show up by next Wednesday.

My guys were sick yesterday. I think that Ava accidently gave them the Chinese creeping crud and they were supine almost all day. It is amazing to watch men supervise a 4 year old and a 9 month old while resting comfortably in bed (I had over 2 hours of adoption paperwork in the afternoon). What the heck am I missing and why can't I figure that out at home? They are a little tired today but seem to be rebounding nicely. Olivia and I are holding our breath in hopes that we drew the keep healthy card. In preparation I am swilling Airborne and obsessing nicely over little bottles of Purell.

This morning after Ava proclaimed that she would only be speaking and looking at me today she decided against her better judgement that she would indeed like to tour the 2000 year old tomb here in Guangzhou. Apparently all of Mommy's attention on that adorable little morsel we call Olivia has caught up with her in grand fashion and Mommy would be hers again for the day. We all agreed and Daddy carried Olivia and Mommy focused 100% on Ava's every whim. It all somewhat resembled a daft eunach catering to the empress's delicate temperament circa Qing Dynasty. But, when in China..... What a difference a few hours of that all made though, Miss Ava is feeling poorly and has a new mei mei to deal with...she's dealing with the changes and I'm sure that's the end of this family's sibling rivalry issues. Don't laugh out loud, it's unseemly and does not become you.

So, what's a girl to do with all this excitement? Grab Daddy's credit card and head off to the wholesale pearl market of course for retail therapy. Ava and I happily touched thousands of pearls while oogling white, pink and black beauties. We simply could not resist and each of us ladies got a strand with earrings to match since this is no time to worry about baby needing a new pair of shoes. Or formula, or diapers or an education. We threw caution to the wind and Ava selected white pearls for herself and her sister. Momma chose black and they are to die for. The Muffin Man was a huge big sport about the whole deal and simple said, "Just wear them lots." What a dude!

Did you see Ava's new rags? Nice huh? What four year old wouldn't love a swishy red princess dress? Olivia has one to match but that was too much effort for me to get them both into the dresses yesterday. I am pacing myself with this 2 child stuff, you see. She put it on and I almost cried she was so happy to be wearing such a pretty dress. She paraded Olivia and I all over the White Swan lobby in high style until she proclaimed it itchy wanting her shorts back. All in all she's a pruple croc future birkenstock wearing gal after my very big heart!


Anonymous said...

olivia is beautiful! congratulations to the whole family. i have been thinking of you guys constantly. we missed you at girls' wknd. you would have enjoyed reggae and mohitos with liz, shanen and i and ofcourse being with a pregnant anita is exactly as you think it would be.

it looks like ava is really feeling the traveling vibe. and she is a natural big sister, you can tell by the adoring looks and kisses. good luck and happy travels. i love catching up on the blog. thinking of you, matt, angela, jack and maya.

Leanne said...

It's become our morning ritual to checkout twoladybugs for the China update! We love it! Ben and Andy can't wait to see the next set of pics. It's been raining here all week--you took the sun to China! Sorry to hear you're surrounded by the sicky germs, but sounds like you're hanging in there--in fine shopping fashion!! Has the Muffin Man hit the White Swan spa yet? That should cure him! Keep sending updates. Miss you all! Hugs to the sisters.

Ben said...

Hi Ava, this is Ben. How are you doing in China? I like the pictures. How is your sister? What is she like? She looks nice. I wish you were here to play with me. When are you coming home? I scored a goal at soccer this week. We won! It was great! See you when you get home.

Colleen said...

The girls are so beautiful, Perrin, that I can barely stand it. I love the dress. But alas, the crocs of comfort are the way to go.

Keep up with that Purell. Here's hoping you avoid the bug!

Kristin said...

Oh Perrin, I am just getting caught up on your story and how lovely is Olivia and how gorgeous is Ava and how lucky are you and Muffin Man?!

I am so glad that travelling with Miss A. has worked out and please tell her that her sister in arms, EvaJun, has that same sparkly red outfit and that the tutu skirt makes many daily appearnces as "day" wear.

Susan said...

Thanks for the update. I love the red "princess" dress...However, I must know, was she wearing the purple crocs with the princess dress?

Hope everyone's feeling 100% soon.

Lisa~~ said...

Both girls are beautiful and the red princess dress is lovely. Maybe some red mary jane crocs would make the outfit complete.

Lisa and Tate said...

Ava is such a gorgeous gal with her new red princess dress!! A princess in her White Swan kingdom!!! Love hearing about the travels. Hope all will be feeling amazingly well soon!!!


Wendy said...

Congratulations on finally meeting Olivia! The girls look great. I'm glad Ava is enjoying her beautiful dress:)

M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

Loving the pictures and updates!!!!! More, more! :-)

G'day from Australia (on our babymoon),

Sandy said...

Oh my gosh, Olivia's dress is lovely and she looks absolutely beautiful!!!

I hope everyone is feeling better!!

Lee-Anne said...

Ava is STUNNING, in her beautiful new dress! The red looks amazing on her! Glad to see she's smiling with her sister (and not trying to sit on her or anything!) What a trooper, to cope with all the shops, the sicky-bugs... and the whammy a new baby sister!

I can't wait to get over there and check out those pearls ( I need to take out a second mortgage on the house?!)