Friday, September 29, 2006

Busy and Getting Nothing Done

We are busy gals.

Cookies for the preschool fundraiser are happening. We had to have a long discussion about NOT licking the icing knife while icing the cookies especially when the good Luthern folks will be there scarfing down sugary morsels tonight. Don't call the board of health, I'm already on their list due to Olivia's salmonella and I don't need yet another 20 minute lecture from the state nurse about proper hygiene and hand washing. While I was listening to this well meaning nurse I was chasing my 10 month old around on the floor while she popped dust bunnies in her mouth lying on the hard wood as if they were cheerios. And, no damnit she did not get the salmonella from OUR dirt, it was someone else's dirt perhaps along a beautiful Southern Chinese coastal region. The green runny nose is due to our dirt for the record.

We are also spending quite a bit of time perfecting the heave and roll. This is a tai chi move perfected by Chinese sisters the yesteryear bygones. My girls are channeling this move from their ancestors. It is especially helpful when younger sister is getting dangerously close to older and stronger sister's beloved toy. Younger sister gets close...aiyi...heave and roll. Presto, toy is older sister's yet again. Done enough times it will also insure that younger sister's rib cage never grows beyond the desirable 18 inches in diameter. This is encouraged by the honorable parents so that younger sister can always stay cute in her 6-9 month old clothing.

So, as you can see we are very busy. So busy in fact that hoisting 2 children in the SUV for trip to the supermarket usually proves much too exhausting for honorable mother. Now the dark side of this...I am out of coffee creamer and have resorted to baby formula mixed with a little Splenda to do the trick. This is bad right? This is beyond gross right? I swear if you've been up at least 2 times in middle of the night and have't showered in 2 days your standards will be lowered and baby formula substituting as coffee creamer isn't all that bad.


Gracencameronsmomy said...

I have stooped to having groceries delivered...I can shop in my PJ's!

Johnny said...

And she seems smiling in the picture during the famous heave-ho!

Susan said...

Ava is a girl after my own heart but I'd have to say you are right with the licking when others will be eating. I think the girls look great and I know first hand salmonella sucks but screw that nurse. Wish I could have my groceries delivered. I'm jealous of Lisa.

Welcome home (again)

Kristin said...

I am out of coffee creamer and have resorted to baby formula mixed with a little Splenda to do the trick. This is bad right?


Get thee back to the computer woman and type in:

and get down with your French Vanilla/Hazelnut/Minty self.

Girls look great and I am relived to know we arent' the only game in town with cooties.

Lee-Anne said...

So is it BYO, for visitors wanting a white coffee?!!!

Looks like Ava has well and truly organised everyone, in the household, in their order of rank. If you step outta line, you'll cop the ole heave-ho!

Ani said...

Forget about shopping for groceries... I bow to anyone who finds the time for baking! Your little cook looks like she had a blast - hope the cookies were a hit.

Robin said...

Formula huh, I'll have to try that one on the DH if we are every out of milk once Maddy comes. (he he) I agree about the baking, how did you find the time?

Perrin said...

Make no mistake, this was fake baking. Slice and bake, people. The icing even came in the package. Oh course, Ava didn't know the difference since she's never seen REAL baking.