Monday, September 04, 2006

1st Dr. Visit and Another Day On The Island

There must have been about 100 babies lined up for medical exams in this tiny office in Guangzhou yesterday. Fill out a form, wait in line, plop your babe down on the scale, measure her head and poof, everyone is ready to go to America.

So much about this trip to the medical office was the same as last time. Screaming babies with mass crowded chaos that only lasts a few minutes before you are released to make your way back to your temporary hotel home by way of 50 shop keepers vying for your attention and ultimately your almighty dollar. Then so much is different. Last time I felt more in control of the trip and the adoption and all that was required of us as parents adopting Ava Jing. I knew when to pay and when to appear for appointments, I gave gifts at the right time and we had a well dressed baby with a clean face. This time, I embarassingly had to borrow 100 yuan from a travel mate to pay the guide for something at the medical office. See how clueless I am? My baby is healthy but with a runny nose that continues to drip non-stop due to the extreme difference in temperature outside versus inside. It was smeared into her eyebrow this morning at breakfast. Ava insisted on wearing her purple crocs with dirty shorts yesterday morning, and I noticed her hair was uncombed only at 4 in the afternoon. I chose to let it go rather than argue. Am I now one of those mothers who is harried with her hellions running amok? Hopefully it is an adjustment period and Ava's teeth won't be growing green fuzz in another week. Bad hygiene aside everyone is relatively happy, heathy and well fed. I suppose this is what is important on this trip.

I leave you with this picture of Ava riding the bull dog on Shaiman Island. I guess this woman behind her represents the average American visiting the island? Hmmm....

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Lee-Anne said...

Too funny!!! But look on the bright side... you remembered to go for the medical exam?!!! That's gotta account for something?!

:) Glad everyone is travelling well. (regardless of clean clothing and snot on their faces!)