Sunday, September 03, 2006

Happy Monday From Guangzhou

I feeling better today, hooray. One z-pak started and a little sudafed sinus and Momma's back in business. Just in time too. At 10am this morning we have to take Olivia to the obligatory medical exam here on the island. This medical exam has absolutely nothing to do with checking the physical prowess of your baby. It is more about paying another fee and after having your baby for a week it is more to test how some chinese doctor can strip your baby down to plop them on the scale hear then scream bloody murder and then hav e fun watching the stressed out mommies and daddies pick them up to comfort them. Good times, right of passage here in adoption land.

It is about 7:30 am and my crew is sleeping. Olivia is just waking up after over 12 hours of sleep. I swoon with love for this kid! Her head smells like perfect baby fuzz her wirey little body has a perfect tummy pooch when she's eaten 8oz. of formula. She smiles when she sees us and is happy to let us comfort her when shes scared or upset. Right now she is speaking Cantonese, well baby Cantonese which consists of gullah gulllah gullah. It makes perfect sense to her. Other new development, she is cruising like a '65 Mustang and with the confidence to boot. She even stands for a few seconds unassisted. I don't think it will be long before the super baby is walking on her own. This is all great and everything but someone better get to work babyproofing the house at home. I was expecting a few months before mobility.

Oops, she's awake and needs grub. Medical exam pictures later.


Colleen said...

Glad you're feeling better, Perrin. Sorry to hear that Ava needed breathing treatments. From the pictures she looks like she's happy "as a clam". (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

Can't wait to see pics of the pearls she picked.

Space Mom said...

Glad you are doing better.
12 hours? Your child sleeps 12 hours. in a row? Man, I am jealous!

Enjoy that peach fuzz smell. It doesn't last long...

Lee-Anne said...

So good! Olivia sounds like a perfect child!!! (or is it that she just hasn't had time to show her not-so-perfect side yet?!!!)

It's Fathers Day here in Australia - so HAPPY FATHERS DAY, MUFFIN MAN!!!

What more could a Father want?!!!